Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oops, and hair and other misc. things.

While visiting with the family Mom, Grandma, the kiddos and I went to a store called 'Oops'. It has imperfect candles and rugs and all kinds of junk nifty things to see. Tyrel slept in the basket the whole time we were in there. That boy will sleep anywhere.

cutie in an orange funnel hat.
At Oops they have a huge chair out front that I always want to get pictures of the kids on...but I think Tyrel is always asleep when we go there.

Sitting in the big chair with the ducky that Cowgranny got her.

Tasty toes.
 Later that day I took some of the grey out of Grandma's hair. Just ripped it out...Oh wait, no, I put hair gunk on it. Here is a picture that I may or may not have told Grandma that may or may not end up on my blog.

Shhh, Grandma, you don't see this!

Boots go with everything.....right?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just Hanging Out (Vacation Post)

Kimber and Cowgranny right after we arrived.

Kimber wearing the dress Cowgranny made for her.

Tyrel getting a Cowgranny back ride. (and Dad playing the Wii.)

Tyrel playing with the 'jungle horse' from Umpa and Cowgranny

Dad piled with grandkids. (Connor, Tyrel, Kimber, Daddy, and Alana)

I thought this was waaay cute. Tyrel is such a ham and Kimber is less than impressed.


We didn't DO a whole lot while I was there. Just hung out and visited. It was nice. Even if it was too cold to play outside much.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Home

What? You mean you didn't know I left? Well I did. I went to visit my parents in Arkansas. I was going to be there about 4 days, then go see my brothers in Oklahoma for a few days, stop in Ft. Worth to see my oldest brother and then come home. Well that's almost what happened. Except instead of about 4 days at my parent's house, it was almost 2 weeks. My pickup was acting up on the way up to Arkansas, so after my Dad looked at it, we decided to put it in the shop, and after several days, and lots of waiting on parts, Sam, Daniel, the kiddos and I headed out. (Thanks for travelling with me on the way up too Grandma! I enjoyed getting to visit with you.)

 Sunrise on the road. I like to get up early and get on the road before daylight. This was taken about an hour and a half after we got on the road.
           Posing in a rest area in Oklahoma.
 Carseat hair.
 MMMM, Braums. I sure miss having a Braums nearby.
So here I am home, with nearly 1000 pictures. I won't bore you with all of them, but I am planning on breaking it up into several posts so show you how our trip was.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Recipe Blog

My family has just started our own recipe blog! Most all of my 6 brothers and I enjoy cooking. (Not so much cleaning up, but hey, that's part of it:) So my Mom started us a blog where we can all add our recipes. We all tend to use recipes more as a guideline than a rule. 3 of my brother, my grandma, my mom and I will be the main posters I am guessing. So head on over and meet the CowCrew!