Friday, July 31, 2009


Tyrel got his card (or book, as he calls it) from Grandma Rose the day before yesterday. He also got his present from Grumpa and CowGranny. He loves to play with his new tractors and trailers and trucks. He also likes to walk around the house reading his birthday "book" from GG Rose. He likes to give the kittens rides in the trailer, they don't like it as much as he does though. My youngest SIL (8) has been warned for some time now, that if she does not start taking care of her hair (such as brushing it at least once a day) she was going to get it cut off. Well, she decided to see if Mom really meant it. So this is how long her hair was, and how it looks now. It is cute short, but I always prefer long hair on a girl. She seems to like it though.
Edited to say : The hair that was cut off was saved to send to Locks of Love.
I know this picture is blurry, but I liked it anyways. This is Granola with her two youngest grand babies, Kyle and Tyrel.
I guess that is about all the excitement I have to post about for now.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bay Window

The bay window is coming along nicely. I really like it. I can hardly wait until they are finished with it. I may never go home. I'll just live in the garage. On Tyrel's birthday, we got up and came over to the big house so that Stephen could help Doug work on the bay window. (Tommy had to work Saturday) They got the frame all built, a roof put over it, and the two side windows put in. Sometime after Tommy got home they were trying to put the big window in when my FIL said "I made the frame 5X5 and the window is 5X6!" So after calling to see if windows are made in 5X5 (they aren't). The menfolk got to work ripping apart all their hard work. They really had a good sense of humor about it. Except Stephen may have hit Tommy when he said "At least we caught it when we did".

While they were putting in the side windows, they let Tommy put the screws in the top, since he is taller, and I had joked "if anything gets messed up now, it will be Tommy's fault since he contributed now." So it is all Tommy's fault. He says if that is his fault, then he also gets credit for it looking so nice now.

The next morning before church, they had it pretty much rebuilt. When we got home, the windows were in, and now they still have a few more things to do, but it is looking really nice. Sorry I haven't taken any pictures of what it looks like right now.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Some Pictures

Here are some recent random pictures. (I don't know why my hair looks red in this picture, as I do not have red hair, but for some reason it looks like it here.)
Oh and today I got Ty to (sorta) say I love you to Daddy as he was leaving for work.
Me: "Say 'I' "
Ty: "I"
Me: "say 'love' "
Ty: "brush"
Me: "you"
Ty: "you".
So he was close.

Tommy thought that he made me look quite stylish with my new person hair scarf...After he got done choking me...not really choking, but pretending.

Tyrel out helping build the bay window frame. Yes I do put pants or shorts on him, but only first thing in the morning. When he wets them, he just runs around in undies and a t shirt. That way I am not having to wash 4 pairs of shorts a day, along with his undies. (not always four, but on a not so good day.)

Hmmm, does something look wrong here? Like maybe the window is too big for the hole? Well it is, but we'll talk about that in another post. They have it fixed, and it is looking very nice now.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Filling Daddy's Boots

Last year I took a picture of Tyrel next to a pair of his Daddy's boots. This year he still cant wear Daddy's boots, so he just stood next to them again. My plan is to do this every year, til he fits into them. I don't mean, just be able to stand in them, but to where they actually fit him. I figure I will do it until he is about 18 or so. He'll be all big and man like. It will be funny if he outgrows them and I have to take his picture with him standing next to them again, when he's 16 or so. Here is last years picture and some from this year.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tyrel's Party

We had a fun party for Tyrel. Stephen's Aunt Roxie and Cousin Charlie came out. James and Crystal may come out tomorrow. Instead of making a birthday cake for Ty, I decided to make a fruit pizza that I saw a recipe for on a friends blog. (Well I say friend, but I have never met her, and barely even ever left a comment on her blog. I guess after reading someone's blog for awhile you feel like you know them though.)
None of us are big cake eaters around here anyways, and I figured Tyrel wouldn't care either way. I made it in the cast iron skillet because we don't have a pizza pan, and that is what we make pizza in.
It was delicious. Definitely something to hang on to the the recipe for. That being said, Tyrel wouldn't touch it. He is NOT a picky eater, never just won't try something, even if it is something he doesn't like, he always wants to try a bite. I don't know what his problem was. He wasn't whiney or forceful about not having any...he just didn't want it.On the other hand he loved his presents. He didn't want to put anything down to open the next one. He got some toy cap guns from Roxie and Charlie (and James and Crystal, but they haven't given them to him yet. I am glad Crystal showed me what they got him, or he might have got 3 sets, because that is what Stephen and I were thinking of getting him.)From Stephen and I he got some toy tools so he can help daddy, a marshal badge, and a toy truck and trailer with a tractor to go on the trailer.
From Granddaddy and Granola he got a sand bucket and shovel, 2 water bottles, and a plastic bat and ball.

From Tommy he got a toy skid loader that makes noise, and some sunglasses.He also got his card from Grumpa and Cowgranny today.He likes everything so much he isn't sure what to play with. He wants to play with it all at once.

I love how the gun belt hangs off of him, it was very cute. He is really good at drawing his guns. With either hand. He's fast too.Later after the party Granola tried to get him to eat some of his fruit pizza, but he would rather just put it in his skid loader, so someone else ate it.

We did other stuff today too, but I'll save that for another post.

My "baby" is 2!

I can't believe how fast two years has gone by. By the time the new baby will be this age, Tyrel will be 4! Being a Mama has been so much fun. I absolutely love it. He is constantly making me laugh. He is just so goofy, and funny.

We called Cow Granny the other day, just so he could tell her "Tow Dranny". He was very proud of himself. That is all he said to her other than "BYE"He is SUCH a help to me. He helps to make the beds, and actually HELPS, not just gets in the way. Of course, he did at first, but now is figuring out how to help me. He puts things in the sink or trash for me all the time. He helps put away clothes. He rinses the dishes...well, he still needs a little work on that one, but is getting better. He picks up his toys without being told most of the time. I tell everyone he is teaching ME to keep a clean house. He is so good about cleaning up after himself. He loves jumping off of things. He climbs up on the bed or coffee table, and if I am standing right there will jump to me. If I'm not right there, he will just jump.I could almost set a clock by him. He is my alarm clock right now. He gets up at 6:30 almost everyday. Sometimes slightly early, rarely later. He immediately crawls in bed and hugs my neck and gives me a kiss, and if daddy is home, will turn and pounce on daddy, ready to begin a day of wrestling. He can be pretty rough too. He is definitely all boy. Tommy leaves for work about 7 each morning, and usually we are still in the bedroom, getting dressed and making beds when he leaves, but Tyrel always runs to the window to yell "BYE" to "Dommy"
I can't even keep up with all the words he says anymore. He repeats EVERYTHING. He has said a few small sentences, and it won't be long until he is really talking, with whole sentences and everything.Potty training is going well. He still has to be reminded and taken every time. He has gotten to where he tells me he needs to he is going, but it is a start. Bite is his word for hurt. If he bumps his leg or something running through the house, he tells me "Ow, bite". He avoids the ant bed in our front yard. He walks around it pointing at them saying "Aints..Bite".

Happy Birthday Tyrel Ruger, I sure do love you. Oh well, and I GUESS Daddy does too.