Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beautiful Ohio

Hanging out at Grandma Arlene's house. I love it there. It is so pretty and so not hot, well it does get rather humid some days.
It was so bittersweet visiting Ohio. Now that my Granny (my great granny) is no longer "with it" I realise that we won't always have these visit's with the other grandparents, some day they won't be there anymore, so I try to enjoy them to the fullest while I can.
Dad by Gramma's lilies...soooo pretty

Mom and TyrelDad and Tyrel..Mom and Dad really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with their grandsonSam, Dan and Tyrel with a fire on Grandma's deck...waiting (not so) patiently for supper so they can make s'mores afterwardTyrel is his very own camping chair that Grumpa got him.
Tyrel LOVED his Great Granny Arlene right away. Almost as much as he does his Grumpa.

Uncle Buck...He's my favorite uncle, but SHHHH don't tell my other uncles. It is lots of fun to see Dad and Uncle Buck together. Lots of joking and laughing happens.


Up next, our covered bridges tour.

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grandma Rose said...

such greac pictures....I would sure like the one of Tyrel with his cowboy hat without the JONES written across his 'lil face (the one in your picture colage at the top of your blog...hint hint.....Love you grandma Rose