Saturday, November 29, 2008

I know I know

Enough with the close ups. But now I have been playing with editing. I have never edited pictures. I kinda like it. It makes them look better.


I played around with the video part of my camera today. For most of you...if not all this will be really boring. It is for Ty's family who doesn't get to see him often. Like Cowgranny, and Grumpa, and GG Rose. Here ya go. Maybe if you don't mind waiting for it to load on your dinosaur computer with dial up Mom, I will do one more often.

The dog in the background isn't dead. If you'll notice, now and then it will twitch or lift it's head. That is Lady.

Also in the first video the girl in pink is T. Ty's favorite Aunt. You'll also see Freckles(a dog.) and Rosie (also a dog.) and RC (Yet another dog) Which are not anywhere near all the puppies running around out here.

Oh and sometimes we actually have grass, but we haven't had rain in quite a while.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm Ready for my Close Up

I was trying to let my camera battery die all the way before charging it today. So while I was waiting I put my camera on the little cute flower setting.(I don't know what it's called.) And practiced close up pictures. I thought some of them were interesting. So you get to look at them too.

Sweet little tippy toe feet
Pokey'sFountainTree BranchSome kind of flower. lolSee this is...firewoodHere Mama, this would look better with a smudge..right about HEREChex MixTiny tomato-ey looking thing

J's scrapbook

a rose looking flowerTomatoesa christmas cactussome other kind of flower (can you tell I'm not great at flower names?)

Wrangler pocket

MN's Eye

sewing stuff

a rare treat

palm oil

Giving Thanks

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving. We truly do have so much to be thankful for in this great country.
I told everyone they needed to run and hide because I love to take pictures.
Doug (father in law)
Charlie and JRaylee and JBobby

Bobby, Ruth and Justin

Ty and Granola


James (giving me a "don't you dare take my picture" look)

Kaleb, J and Alex

Gettin' some vittlesSomeone had to take after turkey naps... might as well be the pregnant lady...and James



J and Crystal

T, MN and Raylee

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I feel so blessed right now. People call it being self sufficient but I know that it is not our selves that have given us all this. It is rather satisfying to see all the food "we" have been making here the last few days.
Processing Deer


Deer Jerky



I also made bread yesterday, but I didn't get pictures because the camera was in Stephen's pickup at the highway. It is pretty yummy. As you can tell, the noodles didn't turn out too well. We know what we did wrong though, and will try again soon. The granola is the first I have ever made. My mother in law makes some often, but I just somehow never did. It is yummy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Stephen got another deer this morning! Whoo Hoo for more meat. This one is a whitetail buck. 7 point. Now if I could just get one.

Here is a picture of diapers hanging on the fence. Wooooo. Amazing. lol.
I just thought this picture was adorable. He is looking all sweet-like at his Daddy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Dream

My mom just posted about a dream that she had last night, it reminded me of one so much like hers that it is freaky that I had the night before last.

I was on a beach somewhere, I think it was an island.
I was with a bunch of people from church , and also family members I think.
We were watching the waves come up to island, and one of them kept seeming to grow. We watched it coming from way out. I knew it was a tsunami before it even got really big. We watched as it curled over the top of the island before crashing down on us. I was so scared and clinging to Tyrel to make sure he wouldn't get swept out to sea. After it had gone, lots of the little kids, including Tyrel had drown. They didn't float off though.
I looked down at my son in my arms and commanded him in the name of Jesus to breathe. And he did. I was so surprised. I went to the next child, still doubting that it would really happen, and commanded him to breathe....and he did. I kept on until everyone was fine, but each time, I didn't really expect them to come to life, and was SO surprised and thankful. I kept thinking, wow, God is doing this even though I am doubting in my heart, just because I am speaking with such confidence, and commanding in Jesus name.

That is all I remember, but it is so strange the similarities in mine and Mom's dreams. I wonder what God is up to. I hope I am ready for it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stephen's catch of the day

Woo Hoo, Stephen got an "11" point buck. In case you didn't know, that means it is a spike. It is an Axis that escaped from a local exotic hunting ranch. If they escape, they are free game, as you can't exactly return them, and you don't have to tag they are kinda like getting an "extra" deer. We have never got an Axis before. I hope he is tasty. And I suppose I will tell you my Becky Moment. While Stephen was gutting it, he suddenly gasped and said "It's Pregnant!" I responded with "Oh no, are you serious?" To which he started laughing at me and said "'s a buck." Duh. I don't always think very smartly on the spur of the moment.
Well, praise the Lord for providing. I hope we can fill a freezer with deer this year.