Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm Ready for my Close Up

I was trying to let my camera battery die all the way before charging it today. So while I was waiting I put my camera on the little cute flower setting.(I don't know what it's called.) And practiced close up pictures. I thought some of them were interesting. So you get to look at them too.

Sweet little tippy toe feet
Pokey'sFountainTree BranchSome kind of flower. lolSee this is...firewoodHere Mama, this would look better with a smudge..right about HEREChex MixTiny tomato-ey looking thing

J's scrapbook

a rose looking flowerTomatoesa christmas cactussome other kind of flower (can you tell I'm not great at flower names?)

Wrangler pocket

MN's Eye

sewing stuff

a rare treat

palm oil

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