Monday, November 17, 2008

Deer Hunting

Deer season started the first weekend of November. Stephen and I or Stephen and Tommy (so someone can stay and watch Ty) have been out hunting almost every chance we have had so far, and still no deer. So yesterday I took my camera along and took pictures. Stephen sent me mock dagger glares every time the camera made it's little picture takey noise.
Luring in the deer
"Wishin', and hopin', and dreamin' and prayin'"
Where the deer are supposed to appear
Sunset over a cactus


One of the Cow Crew said...

Ty watching the paintballers getting ready... "I wish I were BIG".

The Dad said "you would know more about if the Geo would make the trip than (he) would... (he) can't see the car from here. And you can look at it just like Gpa Jack... if it starts, you can make a trip in it!" Gpa Jack was FAMOUS for heading out across the entire country in cars that might not make it to the next town. If he encountered a problem on the road, he would fix it when it happened!

The Dad also said we would have to look at Punkin flying up here- Tgiving is the #1 flying time in the nation. TDay itself is usually EASY to get a flight... but the week prior is really hard. But we will check if he wants us to.

Haha... I said PUNKIN! Boom boomey, cheekena boom!

Becky said...

Well unless he gets a job between now and then, I think he would like you to.