Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Back

Well I have returned from my trip to Arkansas and Ohio, I am now back to home on the range in Texas.
I had a really good time, other than missing Stephen. Tyrel really missed his daddy too. He would want to go over to all the 18 wheelers at rest areas on the way, and when I wouldn't let him, he would fall in a heap and cry and want "DAAAEEEE". So we would call Daddy and let him talk to him. He would also see the picture of Stephen that I have on my phone almost every day, and carry it around saying "Da-ee" and giving it a kiss, and wanting me to kiss it. It was very sweet.
I guess instead of telling you about it all at once, I will break it down into several posts with pictures. That way I'll have something to blog about for a while.
Here are the pictures from while we were in Arkansas. I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted of the trip, because when we were in Ohio, I realised I had left my camera charger at Mom and Dad's house in Arkansas.
Dad and Tyrel working on the mower
Tyrel playing on the mower...such a ham
Sam in a tree
Me watching Tyrel play on the mower
Tyrel being cute
As if he could be anything else
A view from the yard
Ben..the only one I have of is his "eternal vigilance" to never have his picture taken...he says that way the ones we DO get we will treasure all the more..the only problem is, the all end up looking like this, because it is so hard to get one of him. and Yes, he is wearing Tyrel's hat.
Sitting on Jaffa
Alley Cat..or Al E. Cat she is getting SO old. We got her a few days after my 6th birthday as a kitten...I'm 23 now...
How we presented Ben's breakfast to him one's a joke that I don't feel like explaining, but he liked it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hi ho Hi ho, I'm off to Ohio

I am leaving with my mom in the morning. She came down to pick me up so I can go on vacation with her and dad. We will be heading to their house in Arkansas for a few days, and then will head to Ohio to see my Dad's side of the family until late June. I am going to miss my husband very much, as he has to work, but will be very glad to see my family in Ohio. I have not seen them since Tyrel was a little baby.
I may or may not post while I am gone. Depending on if I have computer access.
I hope ya'll have a good June.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My 8 year old sister in law "T" likes to play with my hair. She may be a big reason I have so many split ends...
as I feel and hear my hair riiip sometimes while she is doing it. But she is about the only one who likes to play with it anymore and I like people to mess with my hair. I also like playing with hair, and as I didn't have any sisters growing up, I would play with my mom's hair. She does not like people to mess with hers, but would still (and sometimes still does) let me mess with it anyways. I also liked to with grandma's when she would come visit...too bad I don't have any pictures. Poor ladies.
Anyways, I figure T has to learn somehow, and so I let her play with mine. The other day she wanted to take pictures when she was done, so I am posting them for her. Enjoy.