Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Pictures

Here are the promised pictures. Not just of Tyrel, but all of them from this past month that were on my camera.
A Day at work with Daddy
Nap Time

Babysitting RheaRhea

it looks like he is being sweet, but he was just moving in to try and steal her toy^

this ones for you Kyla^

Playing at the Park

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

15 Months, Practically a Man

I have a whole list of things that my little man has learned this past month.
He has become a big "helper". He isn't much help, but he tries. He has been helping me to wash the dishes. He stands on a chair and splashes and tries to drink the water or eat the suds. It usually ends up being a big wet mess by the time we are done. He helps me to pick up his toys when he is done playing, usually only putting up very few while I get the rest, but he is trying at least.
He also likes to stir food while it is cooking. He only does this under very close supervision, while I am holding him, so he doesn't get burned.
He sits at the table with us now. In his high chair, but without the tray. I always hold my hand out to him when we pray, and he has started holding it and sometimes bowing his head...I know, I peak at his cuteness. I don't remember if I mentioned it last month, but he has begun drinking from a straw really well. Or from Daddy's camel back. Stephen leaves it on the back of a kitchen chair and Tyrel walks up and gets him a drink any time he wants one. He certainly gets enough water.
He has started eating (sort of) with a spoon, and it is so cute he will blow on the food before he eats it.
I have been teaching him little pieces of the very little sign language I know, and he actually tries to copy me sometimes. I am amazed how fast he is learning. I left my camera at our house so I only have a few pictures right now, I will try to get more up soon.
I love you Ty.
Love, Mama
Tyrel and RheaLynn

He looks grumpy here^

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hold On a Minute

Do you ever feel like your life is on hold? That is how I feel right now. Like I am just waiting for something to happen. I feel at home here, and yet not. I remember this same feeling from about a year before we found out we were going to be moving from "home" in Oklahoma to Arkansas. Arkansas still does not feel like home to my family still there.
I did feel at home here, it has just been the last week or so that I feel this way. It makes me wonder what God has in store for us next, and when it will happen.
I have been preparing for a garage sale with a friend next weekend, but I feel more like I am preparing to move. Getting rid of all our unnecessary junk. Stephen has even been talking of going through the closet and being ruthless with himself, getting rid of stuff. Which is very unlike him. It used to be very unlike me as well, but I've found I usually don't miss stuff after it is gone anyway.
Last week we did that in the kitchen and I was so happy and excited to be getting rid of stuff and organizing.
None of the garage sale stuff will be coming home. If it doesn't sell it will go to the thrift stores.
Even with getting rid of so much, Tommy and I did add something to our stuff this past weekend. We bought a unicycle at the flea market in Buffalo Gap. So far we are neither one able to stay on it, but he is better than I. It should prove to be lots of fun. I can hardly wait to get good at riding it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Field Trip

This past Wednesday some of the local homeschooler's got together and went on a field trip to an exotic ranch. It was really cool. They had lots of animals, I think most of them were African. It was especially cool when we found out they don't always let people come in to see their critters. I thought it was like a drive thru safari place, but it isn't. Just an older couple with exotic animals, that they like to show off. I am really glad we got to experience some of their hospitality.

Black Swans
Baby Antelope (I think!)
Boys on a fence Some sort of African birdBoys and turkeysZebusSpotted miniature donkeysA teepeeBoys on a swingNot sure what this isOryxZebrasTyrelA Vietnamese Buffalo, I forgot the name of.Regular buffaloHighlandersWater BuffaloFeeding a camel :DHis lips were all sandpapery and gross. I did this just to gross out Stephen who does NOT like camels. He was thoroughly grossed out.

Friday, October 10, 2008


This is a picture of Stephen's new calf, Maverick. She is about as close to a maverick as anything would be these days.

Yesterday some guys who work for the man that owns property adjoining ours came to the house saying that we had a calf over on their property. So Stephen went to check it out. He told them that he didn't think it was ours, but they insisted it was. Stephen thinks that it is a calf that got left over there when they rounded up all their cows a few weeks ago, and they didn't want to deal with it. Poor thing has been over there without a mommy for milk. So she got put on one of the milk cows to eat.
Stephen had all kinds of fun chasing it down and catching it to bring it home. He didn't take a rope with him, because he knew it wasn't ours, so had to catch it by hand.
So anyways, a free beef cow. Maybe the starts of our own herd some day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bullets in Washer

Can bullets go off in the dryer after going through the washer? I'm glad I didn't find out.
I almost never hang clothes on the line, because of a four letter word...lazy.
Well today is such a beautiful day, that I decided to hang the clothes out, and I am glad I did.
Somehow one of Stephen's shirt pockets didn't get checked before going on to wash, and when I went to hang it on the line, the pocket was heavy and sounded like it was full of, well, bullets. It was. .22 bullets. I don't know if they go off in the dryer or not, but I am glad I didn't find out.
Thank You God.

20th Birthday and 14th Month

Yesterday was my LITTLE brother Ben's 20th birthday. He is right after me in birth order, so I can call him my little brother, even if he is 8 inches taller than I. I am making him some "bracers" for his birthday. He already knows and is telling me how he wants them made. Bracers are those leather arm cuffs like you see on old cowboy movies, or medieval times.

Anywho, Happy Birthday Benjamin!
I realised today that I have not written about Tyrel turning 14 months old. He did on September 25th. Since I have posted lots of pictures already of his past month, then I will just put one of him last night for this post.

I got him a pair of footsie pajamas yesterday. He is so cute in them. I had some when I was little and loved them. So yeah, what Ty has learned this past month...
He has started kissing. This is something I very much looked forward to. Really. I love slobbery toddler kisses. He has allowed kisses given to him since he was born, but just in the last week he has started GIVING kisses. It is the sweetest thing ever. The first time he did, Stephen had just kissed me good morning, and Tyrel, whom was across the room, dropped what he was doing and ran to Daddy with puckered lips and gave him a kiss. So sweet.
He is also Mr. Fearless. Nothing seems to scare him.
At Producer's yesterday, he was standing on a little wall that I set him on, with me standing right by him, and he just wanted to jump down.
He likes to walk up to the trailer on the big truck and try and grab sheep through the little holes. When he touches one, he usually squeals with joy and runs a few steps before tying again.

Well that is about all I can think of right now. He loves his boots, playing outside, playing with sticks, "shooting" things with sticks...all kinds of boy stuff.

I love you much big boy.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Men

You know, I am not even sure what the rest of that saying is.. Is it a saying, or a quote from a book or movie? What is the rest of it? I assume I know what it means, just from hearing it in context to what people say. There are lots of sayings like that, where I don't really know what it means...but yet I do.


Speaking of best laid plans.

We(Stephen, Becky, Tommy and a friend of ours) were going to go see the movie Fireproof this past Friday, but it ended up not happening. First our friend had to cancel, then Stephen had a load to haul. When we found out about the load, right before we left for town, we figured since we were dressed for town, then after the load we would go bowling, but by the time that came around we didn't feel like it, and Tyrel had just fallen asleep.


I need some round to-its. I seem to be running short on them lately, which is why I haven't posted for awhile. I just haven't felt like it. Waiting for pictures to load sounds really boring.

I have some pictures to put on this blog, but I don't think they have anything to do with what I have typed, so I will just put them at the bottom for your entertainment.

I have some more on my camera that I should put on here, but it is at my house right now, so I guess they can wait until next time.
Mirror Images

Cutie Tyrel

Wraith BeckyFrom Arkansas




Daniel and Ty

Sorry, didn't get a good one of dad

Home Again Pictures

And Some of Me