Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Field Trip

This past Wednesday some of the local homeschooler's got together and went on a field trip to an exotic ranch. It was really cool. They had lots of animals, I think most of them were African. It was especially cool when we found out they don't always let people come in to see their critters. I thought it was like a drive thru safari place, but it isn't. Just an older couple with exotic animals, that they like to show off. I am really glad we got to experience some of their hospitality.

Black Swans
Baby Antelope (I think!)
Boys on a fence Some sort of African birdBoys and turkeysZebusSpotted miniature donkeysA teepeeBoys on a swingNot sure what this isOryxZebrasTyrelA Vietnamese Buffalo, I forgot the name of.Regular buffaloHighlandersWater BuffaloFeeding a camel :DHis lips were all sandpapery and gross. I did this just to gross out Stephen who does NOT like camels. He was thoroughly grossed out.


Grandma Rose said...

Looks like you had a super time, especially feeding the camel.Glad you got to have such a fun day out. I get to go to Arkansas next week nanabooboo LOVE YOU !!! Give Tyrel hugs from his GG

becky.onelittle said...

That last picture is hysterical! I might have done that until last week, when I discovered my 2 year old has WORMS!!!! OOOOOhhh I'm totally grossed out by any hand/mouth contact with animal mouths/water/food/feces.... Of course, he got the worms from playing in dirt, so possibly I'll get over my animal disgust later ;)

Kyla said...

LOL!!! I love the camel thing!!! it was very nice and I bet you were laughin the whole time!!! I bet Ty was havin an awesome time... and sayin wow like at cabellas he's so cute