Wednesday, October 8, 2008

20th Birthday and 14th Month

Yesterday was my LITTLE brother Ben's 20th birthday. He is right after me in birth order, so I can call him my little brother, even if he is 8 inches taller than I. I am making him some "bracers" for his birthday. He already knows and is telling me how he wants them made. Bracers are those leather arm cuffs like you see on old cowboy movies, or medieval times.

Anywho, Happy Birthday Benjamin!
I realised today that I have not written about Tyrel turning 14 months old. He did on September 25th. Since I have posted lots of pictures already of his past month, then I will just put one of him last night for this post.

I got him a pair of footsie pajamas yesterday. He is so cute in them. I had some when I was little and loved them. So yeah, what Ty has learned this past month...
He has started kissing. This is something I very much looked forward to. Really. I love slobbery toddler kisses. He has allowed kisses given to him since he was born, but just in the last week he has started GIVING kisses. It is the sweetest thing ever. The first time he did, Stephen had just kissed me good morning, and Tyrel, whom was across the room, dropped what he was doing and ran to Daddy with puckered lips and gave him a kiss. So sweet.
He is also Mr. Fearless. Nothing seems to scare him.
At Producer's yesterday, he was standing on a little wall that I set him on, with me standing right by him, and he just wanted to jump down.
He likes to walk up to the trailer on the big truck and try and grab sheep through the little holes. When he touches one, he usually squeals with joy and runs a few steps before tying again.

Well that is about all I can think of right now. He loves his boots, playing outside, playing with sticks, "shooting" things with sticks...all kinds of boy stuff.

I love you much big boy.

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