Friday, September 23, 2011

Early Summer

So since I still can't get pictures to come off of my card (I think something might be wrong with my memory card) I will do some catch up posting from earlier in the year.

Tommy said this was the 'you must be this tall to enter' sign.
  Back in June my nephew and niece came to visit for two weeks. It was lots of fun having them. I haven't seen them real regularly since they were pretty little, so it was nice to get to know them a little better.

We actually rented a stroller thing for the kiddos. It being hot and me being pregnant, I didn't want to have to carry anyone.
  While they were here we went to the Abilene Zoo, which is very small and if you walk really really slow, it might take two hours to get through the whole thing, but it is fun to visit.

Tommy joined us for the day, which was nice, I always like getting to spend time with my brothers.
  It was pretty hot that day, and we couldn't go til after my midwife appointment, so it was really hot by the time we got there at 10ish.

Cousins! They all wore their tie dyed shirts that they made at Granola's house.
  Connor and Alana were a lot of help while they were here, and can be really funny. They bickered between themselves some, but got along with all the other kids really well. :)

Hey, you can't even tell I'm prego here! If I was sideways you sure could though!

Tommy said he took this picture special for me. Gee thanks. :)

It is really neat getting to walk up over the giraffes. We didn't buy any crackers to feed them though.

We thought this was funny. No animals in the zoo? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?