Friday, April 22, 2011


I know. It IS possible to post without pictures. Or I could take the time to actually get to where I CAN post pictures. But really I just have not been online a lot lately. After having two blissful, pretty much nothing even uncomfortable pregnancies (okay, so as I think about it there WERE times of discomfort in the previous ones, but not much at all), this one has caught me by surprise. It is really not bad at all compared to people I have heard about, but it's not overly pleasant so far. Don't get me wrong, I would put up with MUCH worse for my sweet baby, and am quite thankful that I do not have to endure more, but this isn't what I'm used to! Sleepy. VERY sleepy. Pretty much all day. I avoid going to town as much as possible, because I always want to nap while in town, or maybe while driving. We usually don't go to town more than once every week at the most, and right now about twice a month if I have to. I pretty much wake up tired, about 30 minutes later the on and off all day queasies start. The smell of my house has come really close to making me puke. (We live in an old trailer house, and it stinks horribly of mildew or something anymore.) I don't feel like eating most of the day, but if I DON'T eat, then I feel worse. Plus I need to feed baby. Not wanting to eat has never been a problem for me before. :) I like food. Sweets are my weakness. Which they seem to be what I most have to avoid.

Hey look, a picture! Maybe I fixed it. :)
 So yeah, I don't like whining on my blog, I'm just kinda letting ya'll know how things are going, and why I haven't been posting much. Since I finally got smart enough to find a due date guesstimator today, I found out that today should be the first day of my second trimester! So hopefully things will take a swing for the better!