Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gardening, Sourdough, and Mutton Bustin.

Spring has pretty much sprung here in West Texas. Not that winter might not show up for a little while still.
The jalapenos, tomatillos, cayenne, and different varieties of tomatoes that I planted in the house are sprouting. My lettuce and spinach had just barely started peaking out of the ground also, but a certain miniature donkey that resides in our yard helped me with that. I looked out the window today and saw him rolling in my garden bed. So I had a brilliant idea...... put the fence back up around the garden! Genius right? I know, I'm quick like that. All I had to do was move the fence panel back in place and wire it. It took all of 2 minutes, because I had to look around for some wire. We had moved it a few months ago when we were working on our house. So hopefully the plants will make a comeback.

A new friend of mine that I met at retreat this year gave me some sourdough starter a week ago. So far all I have done is make sourdough waffles, and research sourdough. I am hopefully going to get the proceedings started tonight for some bread tomorrow. I was going to do that last night and make bread today, but after getting kiddos bathed and in bed, I forgot.

We are going to a birthday party for my grandad in a few weeks. I am really excited. It will be like a family reunion if everyone that says they are coming actually comes. I will get to meet some of my cousins new babies. Even newer than Dakota babies.

The rodeo is in town in our part of the country. We enjoy going every year. Stephen and I really like going to the smaller ones that they have in the small towns in the area during the summer, but the big one in February is fun also. This year they were having a mutton bustin competition in one of the barns on the fairgrounds. They have kids ride in the rodeo every year, but I never knew how to get Tyrel signed up. Well this year we signed him up at the stockshow, and they said if he got a good time he might get to ride in the rodeo. Well he didn't make a qualifying ride at 2.6 seconds, but he had fun. He told the lady that signed him up "I fell off, but I didn't cry..." She made his day by telling him that was a sign of a true cowboy. I guess I should explain mutton bustin for those of you who may not know what it is. Basically you take a small Tyrel maybe even Kimber sized if they're tough enough child and put them on the back of a woolly sheep. Then let go and see how long they can hang on! Great fun for the whole family. Of course I had left my camera in the pickup, but Stephen's Mom got some pictures on her phone.

Friday, February 10, 2012

using words!

So I guess I just need to decide to WRITE. I can't put pictures on the computer I normally use, and the computer I CAN put pictures on won't let me post anything on Blogger.
That means I have to try and actually articulate. I tend to be a person that spares the details when I talk. Sometimes I can get on a roll and actually talk a lot, but normally, I tell the basics and call it good.


Ms. Dakota is growing so fast! She will be 3 months old tomorrow. She is fussier than my other babies were. Not really bad, but more than Tyrel or Kimber. She does not seem to care for the Ergo baby carrier. Tyrel and Kimber practically lived in it. Dakota wants to be held, facing the world, and with the person holding her to be standing and preferably walking. She smiles a lot and is starting to laugh. I just love baby laughs. And smiles. :)

Kimber has decided that being potty trained is the way to go again. I made her wear panties for about a week, taking her potty every 30 minutes or so, with lots of 'accidents'. Then she decided it wasn't worth the fight or something, and has had almost no accidents since. Which is still a LOT sooner than Tyrel potty trained. He was a good 3 1/2 before he was.

I got my garden started this week. I planted the cool weather things outside, such as peas, lettuce, spinach and I want to get cucumbers out too. Indoors I started the tomatoes and peppers. I have been reading some on GMO vegetables and such. I decided to try and quit buying corn products. So I am going to grow us some sweet corn, some corn for drying and grinding, and also some popcorn this year. We are praying for a wet, mild spring and summer. This past summer was record breaking hot and dry. The summer I was pregnant with Tyrel it rained a LOT (for here) and I don't think it hit 100* at all that summer. Which is VERY rare, but I'd sure take another summer like that.

Oh yes I guess I haven't told the blogging world some exciting news around here. This is something I really wish I could post pictures for, and when I can I WILL. My little brother Ben is ENGAGED! His betrothed is a sweet young lady whom also is a friend of mine. Back when I was 19 and she was 14 we worked together for some friends of ours, raising baby deer. Now SHE is 19 and engaged to marry my brother! I am excited to have another sister! I have to get my sisters through marriage since all I have is brothers. Congratulations Ben and Paula! Oh yeah, here is a link that my Mom made telling about them, and showing pictures of them growing up. Well of Ben growing up, and Paula now. We still need to get together and scan pictures of Paula growing up to put on there. http://benandpaula.shutterfly.com/