Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That Stranger

Hi. Remember me? I write on this blog, supposedly. But lack of posting over the past several months may make you wonder.

We have not been up to a lot, yet have been fairly busy, if that makes any sense. We haven't done a lot to tell about, yet life is full of work and fun.

Stephen and his dad and some of his brothers re plumbed our house a few months ago. It is so neat. I can turn on any faucet in my house, and be reasonably sure that I will have running water when I do so! What a novelty!

After a record breaking hot summer (WAAAY over the previous record of number of days in a  year over 100*) so far it looks like September may bring some relief. I don't even mind missing out on some dove hunting if we'll get some rain!

The kiddoes are doing well. Tyrel has sort of started 'school'. He knows most of his colors now and can count a little. He knows that a T is the first letter of his name. And he can quote Psalms 1:1-3. We are working on memorizing all of Psalm 1. I am amazed at how fast he can memorize each verse. I just have to work with him on not saying it so fast that he skips words, or where no one can understand him.
He has really taken an interest in dinosaurs lately. So we got some books from the library on dinosaurs. Most of them I can't even read to him really, because I can't edit that much as I read. They are so full of evolutionary gobbledy gook. I was SO glad to find one called "Dinosaurs by Design". I don't even have to try to edit it, because they know God created everything!

Kimber is talking up a storm here lately. She doesn't speak everything real clearly, but I can usually guess what she means. She calls Tyrel "Dy-da" but most other names she says fairly clear. I don't know if it is because she can't say Tyrel or if it's because Daddy call's him Cowboy, but a few days ago, Kimber started just calling him Cowboy.
Yesterday we started potty training Kimber. She has been showing interest in learning, and we are almost out of diapers, so it seemed like a good time to start. She always wants to sit on the potty, but doesn't necessarily USE it. We had quite a few accidents yesterday. I'm not sure if I'll wait to really get her started, or just keep it up since we did start.

Baby is growing and moving and doing well. Only two more months to go! I am getting a little apprehensive of labor. It is so worth it for a sweet little baby, but I don't look forward to labor itself. Right now (as of when I previously saw my midwife) the baby is 'posterior'. Meaning that he/she is head down, but back to back with me. So pray that changes, because that makes for extra painful labor.

Well I can't think of a whole lot else going on here right now. I can't get my computer to upload any pictures, so I won't be posting any til I can get that fixed.