Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 Years!

As of yesterday (May 28th) Stephen and I have been married for 7 wonderful years. A friend of ours (pictured below) said he couldn't believe it had been that long, he was thinking about a year and a half...because we act like it. Yes we do Ted, and I am so thankful.
So yes, we went to see Ted on Saturday. He tells everyone that we are his grandkids and our kids are his great grandkids. We might as well be. He is like family to us. He is an old horse trader, who has done about everything in his life. He was a ranch and rodeo cowboy (yes there IS a difference in most cases) as a young man. He can braid and tool leather beautifully. He can make saddles or just about anything with leather you want. He can draw. He was a sniper in Vietnam. He loves his grandkids and spoils and works them all at once. He is the one who gave us Tyrel's donkey. His advice was to put them out in the yard together and if there was screaming look out the window, if there was no blood, then don't worry about it.

 He had some puppies that the kids had fun playing with. And we went out driving on the Gator so Tyrel could show Ted how he is learning to drive.

 This horse is named Stickhorse. He is a great kid horse..... as long as you don't take his picture. Seriously. He was camera shy. This picture was taken and before it finished going "click" He was gone and Tyrel was caught by Ted before he hit the ground. Then Ted turned and told us sorry, he forgot to tell us not to take a picture.
 After we watered the horses Tyrel and Ted had to argue about whether Ted had sprayed him or if the HOSE sprayed him. Ted says the hose did. And Tyrel says Ted did. So they are both right.
Tyrel said "Yeah but I'm telling the truth and YOU are lying!"
 Then we went down to the spring and the guys looked at all the tracks around. Mostly wild hogs and horses.
While the kids and I explored. (Dakota was asleep in her carseat in the Gator)
 Sunday most of the folks from our home church were out of town so we went fishing! It was the first time we went since Tyrel's birthday. In July. It was pretty hot when we got there so the kids and I went and played in the water for a while. It got deep quick so I had to hold on to them pretty good, or I would have had Dakota out there with us.
 Daddy caught a fish as big as Dakota! She wanted to pet it. But since she sucks her fingers I wouldn't let her. Such a mean Mama.
 Both of the bigger kids really like fishing. I hope we go more often this year.
 Kimber isn't sure she wants to touch them yet though.

 But Tyrel doesn't have a problem with it.
 Stephen caught about 4 fish and I caught one. Unfortunately the kids didn't catch any, though Kimber did 'help' Daddy reel in the big one.
For supper yesterday we had some steak and corn on the cob and salad and peach cobbler to celebrate our anniversary. It was a fun, if interesting day! To start off right after Stephen left for work, the kids and I went to the big house (Stephen's parents house) to feed the kittens and such while they were gone. One of the kittens had died in the night so I had to deal with that. We have no idea what happened. So while I was dealing with that, Tyrel runs as fast as he can to the potty. He tends to wait until he CAN'T wait to go. He comes running right back out of the bathroom yelling there is a MOUSE in the toilet! I was thinking "great, another dead animal to deal with". For some reason I asked Tyrel "Is it dead?" He said no. Oh ok. A live mouse in the toilet. Just flushing it down crossed my mind, but I couldn't do it. It looked so scared and drowning would be a horrible way to die. So I caught it in a coffee can and let it go outside.
Then the kids and I loaded up in the pickup to run to town. I was wanting to do a nice dinner for our anniversary. I didn't want to drive all the way to the town we usually shop in though. So I headed to the closest grocery store, about 20 miles away. We are almost out of beef at the homeplace is why I did not just go to the freezer. So I get there and the meat they have out at the grocery store was MOLDY! I couldn't believe it. I didn't even want to buy their not moldy meat after I saw that. So I got some corn and stuff for peach cobbler and headed home and called Stephen to ask him to bring some steak home.
He had to go pick up a load in Ft. Worth this morning so he had me go pick him up at the highway, where he left his truck that evening. On the way up there I ran out of gas in the pickup. I had three barefoot children, was barefoot myself. I was about a mile and a half from the house and about a mile and a half from the highway. So I called my MIL (whom had been home maybe an hour?) and asked if they had any gas in a gas can. My FIL came and put a gascan worth of gas in the pickup. I got about a  mile down the road and thought I ran out of gas again. I thought there was no way unless the gas tank under the pickup had a leak. I looked behind us and didn't see any proof of that. So I called Stephen and he agreed that I shouldn't be out of gas. So he said for me to hit the gas tank with my hand a few times and try to start it again. So I did. And it worked. Which means our fuel pump is going out. So it was a fun day. But really none of it bothered me. I really thought the whole day was pretty funny.

So I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and thanked those who have sacrificed SO much for our country.