Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fun and Frightening

All in one day.

We'll start with the fun, as it happened first anyway.

Kimber started taking ballet classes at a friends house on Monday. It is probably not something I would have started taking her to do unless she asked some day. But the ladies whose daughters are in the class started it because they didn't like the 'shake your booty' stuff going on in the regular dance classes. Or something like that. :) Anyways, they asked if Kimber wanted to join, so I asked her and she said yes.

So we changed town day to Mondays.

Kimber was really excited to go. She was a few weeks behind the other girls and I expected her to be shy. She was. In fact she spent the first 5 minutes crying and glued to my side. Then she spent the next 10 to 15 minutes standing there with what I call her "Tommy" look on. It says something like "I'm not doing anything you ask, and you can't make me". The girl who is teaching the class is super sweet and was very patient with her. By the time they were done, I had joined the other Mom's in the other room and Kimber was smiling and doing everything everyone else was.... as long as Miss Emma held her hand...

I had a good laugh at one point. The siblings and Mom's of the girls were in another room off to the side, so as not to distract the girls. Dakota 'told' me (with sign language) she wanted a drink. So I asked the lady who lived in the house where I could get her some water. She led the way through the living room, where the girls were practicing, to the kitchen. The girls were very absorbed in what they were doing and didn't even look up at her and her cute little baby. Tyrel had seen me leaving the room and didn't want to miss a chance to see some other part of the house. So he came walking through the living room in his Wranglers, boots, and western shirt, just his normal clothes. Every one of those 3-7ish year old girls turned and watched him walk by at the same time. It was SO funny. He just nodded and kept on his way. I told Stephen later that cowboys always have that affect on girls, I just didn't realise it began so early!

The scary happened later when we were in WalMart. I was looking at the little girl ballet clothes so Kimber could dress like the other little girls in her class. Kimber was in the basket part of the cart, and Dakota was in the seat. She does NOT like the seatbelt, and I had made the decision that I would be right beside her, so I wouldn't strap her in. Do you see where this is going?
So I turned away from the cart for a mere moment to see if I could find a smaller size of tights or something. I heard something fall, and thought Dakota was knocking socks off the rack on the other side of the aisle. I turned around to tell her to stop and she wasn't in the cart. She was on the far side of it, flat on her back, with her head part way under the cart. I quickly and gently picked her up. She let out one loud, long scream. As she screamed the pupils of her eyes grew to almost as big as the blue. Then her eyes shut and she went limp in my arms. Yall, I thought my baby had just died in my arms. I started praying and yelling for help all at once.  A few employees showed up and someone called 911. Dakota opened her eyes but wasn't really responding to anything. I called Stephen, who was on his way to class. He got there before the EMT's. By then she was snuggled against me and sucking her finger. Stephen pulled out his flashlight and checked her eyes. They were responding well. The EMT's got there and checked her and said we might take her to the doctor but she seemed okay, just in shock.

She has been her normal self the past few days. I am SO thankful for God's protection. I just want to wrap her in bubble wrap for a while. She is always climbing things, or slipping on the floor and bonking her head. It's bad enough normally, but I especially don't want her to right now!