Friday, July 15, 2011

A Blue Jean Quilt.

I have been wanting to make some blue jean quilts for the kids since about....well before they were born. :)

The stack of cut out blue jean squares. I thought I had all I needed cut out, I laid them out on the floor and needed 1 more! So I cut out a pocket square.
  I couple of weeks ago I decided to go ahead and start one, or I'd never really get around to it. I am trying to get rid of a lot of 'stuff'in our house, and couldn't rationalize keeping tubs of old blue jeans if I was never going to actually make the quilts.

Kimber's bed before I started sewing the quilt. The one on there is one my mom got at a garage sale.
I decided to start with a small one that would fit on Kimber's toddler bed. That way I would be more likely to finish the task without getting discouraged that it was taking too long, and never finish.
all laid out and ready to gather back up and start sewing. You can actually feel the difference in the Wrangler or Rustler material. Even though they are made by the same company, Wrangler definitely has better denim.
  I didn't get any pictures of me actually working on the quilt. I started it about 9 in the morning with cutting out all the pieces. I was finished with it before bedtime. Which isn't bad considering I had to stop to take care of children and feed them and myself, etc.

I used a flannel sheet that I cut up for the backing.
I was wondering what I should use for the batting. Because I didn't want to wait til I went to town to buy some batting to put in it. I know me. If I quit working on it, it could literally be years before I started working on it again. So Stephen suggested using some of the blankets I had put in the living room to give away. It worked great! As I was sewing it all together though, I was thinking to myself. "If I am getting rid of all these other blankets because we have too many, WHY am I making a new one?" :)
Here is her bed all made up with the new quilt. She sleeps on top of it and under the other one for now, as it is too hot to sleep under it right now. And yes, she sleeps with her Annie doll every night. I keep meaning to take a picture of her cuddling it in her sleep to show Sarah. :)
My MIL had the string for me to use to tie it together. So I got it all finished from cutting to making the bed in one day!  I plan on making two twin sized blue jean quilts for the bunk beds Stephen is going to make before the baby is big enough to take over Kimber's bed. (Stephen and my brother Tommy made the toddler bed you see here. :)