Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Boy

How did I end up the Mama of a five year old already?! This boy is growing SO fast. This year he has learned to ride a bike, to swim, is learning to read, has memorised Psalm 1, and is about the smartest little boy I know. But then, I AM a little biased. But really, he has got a memory like you wouldn't believe. He has a fantastic sense of direction, and NEVER forgets anything. Except where he left his boots...
 He is part mountain goat.
 Part cheetah.
 Part monkey.
 And all boy. He doesn't like cake, pie, cobbler, etc very much and asked if we could just do ice cream for his birthday. I said that was fine, but if he wanted a cake we could make one I saw on Pinterest out of watermelon. He really enjoyed that.
 Stephen and I got him a new cowboy hat for his birthday. He got one for his first birthday and has worn it out. He didn't like it anymore because it does not hold it's shape. The brim is floppy. He got right to work getting his new one good and broke in by helping Daddy load a trailer full of goat. Cowboy hats always look better used.
And here he is growing closer to fitting in Daddy's boots. He may always bemoan the fact that all his 'cowboy shirts'and wranglers are dirty and he had to wear a T-shirt  the day he turned 5.
He loves all things cowboy, has gotten to where he can sit on his donkey, but is still working on making him go, and yesterday told someone that when he grows up he wants to be a cowboy and a deputy like his Daddy. (Which is another post, but Stephen starts law enforcement academy next month!) He loves guns, tractors, horses, cows, and gardening. He is really and truly a help to me now, and not just entirely in training to help. He loves to go to work with Daddy and is very sweet to and sometimes too rough with his sisters. He is opinionated and energetic.

We love you so much Tyrel. I love seeing glimpses of the man you will become. Be blessed son.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recipe Swap

Grab some new recipes!

About time huh? I have a whole list of lame excuses I won't go into as to why I am just now getting around to posting the recipe I got from Rachel.

 So without further adieu,  Mexican Lasagna. It was very tasty! Tyrel and Kimber give it a big thumbs up!
 This will for sure be made again at our house. Thanks so much Rachel! And also Jennifer for doing the recipe swap!