Saturday, July 31, 2010

We're in Business!

My husband is now on his way to having his dream job! Go take a look at our website/blog.

I am so proud of both Stephen and his brother. James has had his own business since he was 16 or so. When Stephen was 19 or 20 they started their own trucking business. So with Stephen starting with his CHL classes and gun training they will each have their own business in addition to their trucking company! Yay Stephen and James. I love you guys!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Pictures!

The day before Tyrel's birthday we had family over and had us some barbecue ribs! Yummy!
Granola kept trying to get a picture of Tyrel eating the rib. We kept telling him to look at Granola. Finally he put the rib down for a second and said in an exasperated voice. "I'm eatin"
Kyle also thoroughly enjoyed the ribs.
Even Kimber gnawed on a bone. She was quite upset when I took it so I could clean her up.

Then it was time for some birthday apple pie! It was my first time to make an apple pie. It was okay but a bit dry. I think I know what I did wrong though and will make it better next time. He looks SO much like his Daddy at this age. Especially in that picture.
Mr. Nonchalant
"His boots made a funny sound, cause they were his Daddy's size. His hat kept slippin down below his eyes."
If you know what song that is, or even who sings it, you're my new best friend. lol.

Happy 3rd Birthday Tyrel. We love you!

(click on the birthday boots label below to see his picture from the past two years)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No Pictures :(

Well I was going to post pictures from Tyrel's birthday and such, but the camera and computer don't seem to be speaking to one another right now.

This month seems to be one full of happiness and tears.
On the happiness side, I got a see a friend proposed to. My sweet husband had a birthday. That same husband got his instructors certificate and is now able to give CHL classes. Anyone need a Texas CHL?
My brother Tommy went to Brazil and got to see some of God's AWESOME handiwork. He saw some amazing healings, and came home on fire for God.....even more than before.
Tyrel turned 3 on the 25th. I can hardly believe how big he is getting! Do parents ever stop being amazed at how big/ mature/ old their children are getting? We went to pick peaches on a friends farm on his birthday. That was fun. Oh yes, and yesterday I made some jelly from some of those peaches! My first time to make jam/jelly/preserves.(I'm not really sure what the difference in those are :) I will be canning the rest of them today.

On the tears side of it.
Stephen's hunting dog, Freckles, whom he has had longer than he's had me, died in puppybirth. My MIL is bottle feeding the two puppies that made it.
Then we found out that most of the last batch of puppies had worms, so we started giving them wormer. Including my BIL's 3 of them died. One of those three was Cedar. I cried. Alot. I am not normally one to cry when animals die. I miss them, and will be sad, I just don't cry. Cedar was exactly what Stephen and I wanted in a pup. He was friendly, but not obnoxious. He would stay with us rather than run off when we let him out of the yard with us. He learned very fast. And he was pretty. Poor Stephen though. I gave him the scare of a lifetime. I called him after I had quit crying to some degree, and told him that Cedar died. He said "What?" I repeated that Cedar had died and he told me he was sorry etc etc. When I finally quit my blubbering he said "You gave me the scare of a life time. You would not believe how bad I am shaking right now." I asked him why. He said "When you first called, I thought you said Kimber, not Cedar!" Poor Stephen. I still missed Cedar, but it made me thankful for our kids being healthy and fine! I hugged them and thanked God for the rest of the day! Stephen said it took him at least 30 minutes to quit shaking.

Later that day Ty and I were having a peach smoothie, and he said. "Cedar died Mama?" I told him yes, Cedar had died. He said, "We loved Cedar, and it's not funny." It's true.

When Stephen got home we were out burying Cedar. Tyrel watched as Stephen was filling in the hole. He asked me, "Is Daddy putting dirt on Cedar?" Yes Tyrel. "He doesn't love Cedar?" Stephen said it almost made HIM cry! and he is much less of a crier than me.

So anyways. I will see if I can get the camera and computer back on speaking terms soon. I still need to take Tyrel's 3 year old wearing Daddy's boots picture.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Stephen giving Tyrel a talking to about NOT kicking the cat off the porch.
I once read that photography is capturing with the camera what you see with your heart....Sometimes, just sometimes, I think I come close.
My BIG boy that will be 3 in LESS than a week.
Not quite walking.
This is my SIL MN and her cat Scraunch. He is named after one of the coyotes in Hank the Cowdog. It is kinda blurry, but I liked this picture.

The other day I was teasing Stephen by trying to get Kimber to say "Mama". He started saying "No, say Daddy". A  while after we stopped Tyrel came up to her and said "Say Mama........NO, Say Ty RAIL."
I thought that it was cute that he caught on to our competition on getting her to say our name first.

Another Tyrel funny happened the other day when Ty was playing with Stephen. Ty held up one of his toy trucks and told Stephen it needed oil in it. Stephen asked him "What is the oil for?" Tyrel sat there looking at his truck for a minute, then looked up at Stephen and said in a very serious voice "I have NO idea". It was SO cute.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Sweet Pictures.

I was just thinking the other day that with my camera being broken that I have not been getting many pictures of my kids lately. So I got my MIL's camera out yesterday and went to taking pictures.
The puppies were way too much help.
Look at that green grass. We have had an extremely blessed rainy, cool July so far.
"Let me tell you a secret?"
"Watch your mouth!"
I love how it looks like she is standing and twirling here, instead of sitting and ignoring me like was really happening.
My MIL said she wishes she could have got pictures of me taking pictures of Kimber. I was hopping around, chanting "Look Kimber! Kimber! Look at Mama!" Making silly noises, dancing. All the while, her sitting, eating grass, playing with puppies, and ignoring me.


And my little boy, also ignoring me, while playing in the dirt with his uncles.

Well I am off to help my sweet husband work on our pickup! Hope you enjoyed seeing my sweet babies.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home, Potty Trained, Crawling/Cruising, Cricket.

Well, the title says it all. Thanks for stopping by!

Ha! fooled you huh? Yes, I know, I'm lame. :)

Well, the chillin's and I are  home! We have been a little over a week now. Since I am clumping so many things into one post I'm not going into much detail on any of them. If you want to read more on our trip you can check my mom's blog. PB4UGO. You will have to scroll down a ways, as she posts more oft than I. She will also have a link to pictures, so I'm really being lazy. :) I don't have any pictures anyways. I did take most of them on the trip, but with my Mom's camera.

The kids and I have gone with Stephen to work every other day since we've been home. I enjoy getting to go with him. I am glad he has a job where we can.

Tyrel did excellently at being potty trained while we were gone. He had very few accidents. He is not doing quite so well since we got home, but much better than when we left. I think he will be full potty trained very soon.

Kimber started crawling on all fours while we were gone. She liked eating the leaves on Grandma Arlene's deck. (Tyrel called Grandma Arlene "Ma" because he heard my Dad and uncle calling her that. I think she liked it. Tyrel adores her.) Anywho, she was after a leaf on Ma's deck when she started crawling and she's never turned back. She is also pulling up to standing and walking along the edges of furniture and such. She is 8 months old right now.

Yesterday I noticed Kimber had something in her mouth. Since she is still at an age where unless someone personally gives her something she probably shouldn't have it in her mouth, I went fishing. And pulled out a cricket. A WHOLE cricket. Yuck.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day. I know we did. I got to see a friend of mine proposed to! It was a good day.

I will try to get more stuff posted soon. I just haven't felt like being on the computer much since I got home.