Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Pictures!

The day before Tyrel's birthday we had family over and had us some barbecue ribs! Yummy!
Granola kept trying to get a picture of Tyrel eating the rib. We kept telling him to look at Granola. Finally he put the rib down for a second and said in an exasperated voice. "I'm eatin"
Kyle also thoroughly enjoyed the ribs.
Even Kimber gnawed on a bone. She was quite upset when I took it so I could clean her up.

Then it was time for some birthday apple pie! It was my first time to make an apple pie. It was okay but a bit dry. I think I know what I did wrong though and will make it better next time. He looks SO much like his Daddy at this age. Especially in that picture.
Mr. Nonchalant
"His boots made a funny sound, cause they were his Daddy's size. His hat kept slippin down below his eyes."
If you know what song that is, or even who sings it, you're my new best friend. lol.

Happy 3rd Birthday Tyrel. We love you!

(click on the birthday boots label below to see his picture from the past two years)


Kelly Miller said...

"Thank the Cowboy for the Ride" by Chris LeDoux

Becky said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you!

And here I thought people wouldn't know what it was. Chris Ledoux is Stephen and I's favorite singer.

Jennifer said...

I knew it was Chris LeDoux!!! These are adorable pics!

Sarah said...

My, how your children have grown! It doesn't seem that long ago when Kimber was born and look at her now! She's just as cute as cute can be, too. :) And those last few photos of Tyrel are adorable . . . Hmm . . . do you think he'll grow up a cowboy?! :)