Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Stephen giving Tyrel a talking to about NOT kicking the cat off the porch.
I once read that photography is capturing with the camera what you see with your heart....Sometimes, just sometimes, I think I come close.
My BIG boy that will be 3 in LESS than a week.
Not quite walking.
This is my SIL MN and her cat Scraunch. He is named after one of the coyotes in Hank the Cowdog. It is kinda blurry, but I liked this picture.

The other day I was teasing Stephen by trying to get Kimber to say "Mama". He started saying "No, say Daddy". A  while after we stopped Tyrel came up to her and said "Say Mama........NO, Say Ty RAIL."
I thought that it was cute that he caught on to our competition on getting her to say our name first.

Another Tyrel funny happened the other day when Ty was playing with Stephen. Ty held up one of his toy trucks and told Stephen it needed oil in it. Stephen asked him "What is the oil for?" Tyrel sat there looking at his truck for a minute, then looked up at Stephen and said in a very serious voice "I have NO idea". It was SO cute.

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Countrymama said...

Sounds like our two little truck loving toddlers are just alike.