Tuesday, September 29, 2009

About that previous post....

I don't know where Tyrel gets it....
This picture is from not long after Stephen and I got married. His mom said something about remembering a picture like the ones of Tyrel, so I had to go find it. He was making fun of me in this for whining that he wouldn't let me take his picture. He looks different without a beard huh? I guess he has had one most of Tyrel's life.

Broken Hearted Boy

What could possibly make a little boy so sad? So broken hearted? He was eating biscuit dough as Granola was trying to make biscuits. After he had him some for awhile, she told him to stay out of it, he could wait until the biscuits were done. So he thought if he looked sad enough she would change her mind. It didn't work. It did get some cute pictures though. Am I a mean Mama for posting these? Hehe, oh well.

He is happily in there with his Granola by now. He doesn't hold grudges too well. That's okay, neither do his daddy or I. I think that is a good thing.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Wooo, my parents ordered me a new battery for my camera! I can hardly wait to get it. I hope you are ready for 40000 pictures of Tyrel again, and new baby soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures that Granola took of Tyrel today.
In the first one he looks SO much like his daddy at this age. I have only seen a few pictures of him well from any age, but he looked just like this. They didn't have digital cameras back then, way back in the dark ages. You know, since we're sooo old...not.
(He loves trailers. Notice the trailer hooked to the trailer, hooked to the trailer, hooked to the trailer, hooked to the truck. He must be a super trucker.)

I remember my mom telling me it hadn't been THAT long since she was a kid, when I was little, and I thought, Yeah mom, sure. That was forever ago. Now I know what she meant. I think my parents and grandparents get younger all the time.
50 was officially old....until my dad turned 50. Now 50 is so young.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chicky Gator

When Tommy was 2, he got a couple of toy alligators from grandma Arlene. When you would squeeze said alligators, they would make a squeaky noise, that sounded like "chicky". So Tommy started calling them chicky gators. It was Tommy's favorite toy, and his favorite animal became the chicky. Our family often still calls alligators "chicky gators", and Tommy is 19 now. For a very long time, I mean for YEARS, Tommy told people he was going to be a chicky gator wrestler when he grew up. I still think he should try it.
Anyways, the point is. He liked chicky's so much that grandma Rose made him a shirt with chicky on it, and wrote "chicky gator" over it.
Now that shirt fits Tyrel. Waaaaah, they grow up so fast. I so vividly remember Tommy getting that shirt, and now it fits MY baby.
When I told Tyrel I wanted to see his shirt to take a picture, he held up the front so I could 'see it better'. Well, you can't see it better that way, but it was cute.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Not much

I just haven't felt like posting lately. I still need a new battery for my camera. I don't like posting without pictures. My writing isn't that interesting. I need pictures of cute little boys like Tyrel to make them interesting.
Stephen is in Colorado on a load right now. He won't be home til Thursday or Friday. Then leaves again (Sunday?) for Utah. Hopefully that will be his last out of state load til the baby is born. Since really, I could have the baby any time. I am almost 37 weeks along.
Tyrel has decided he is 2. I know he IS two, but lately he has been arguing with everything I tell him to do.
Me: Tyrel, don't stand on the couch.
Tyrel (looking very sincere): Mommy, I JUMP.
Me: I know what you were going to do, but I said to get down.
Tyrel (looking like I must not understand that ALL he wants to do is jump off the couch) but I JUMP.
Me: You will NOT jump, Get down.

I always wondered why people would let themselves get into arguments with 2 years olds. It is sooo easy to get dragged into their arguing. I am trying to not. I don't mind telling him WHY he isn't supposed to do things (Because I'm the Mom and I said so, right Mom?) but I don't like him arguing with me about it.

Also, he is so much like all the things I've heard his Daddy was as a little boy.
The other day, I had Granola's hair clippers, because I was giving the menfolk, and Tyrel haircuts at our house. Well when I was finished I set the clippers on the floor next to me while I was putting my shoes on, so we could take the clippers back to the big house.
Tyrel walked over and stood on top of the box the clippers are in. I told him not to stand on that.
He said OK, then stepped over the box, sat down on it and said "I sit".
Well okay, I suppose you aren't disobeying, but I really meant not to get on the box at all.

I feel like I have a ton of things to get done, and not much time to do it in before the baby is born. I really need to go through all the baby clothes and such and separate them into sizes, and wash them and whatnot. You know, all the things that were suggested that I do as Tyrel out grew them. Well I DID wash them, but now they are all dusty and such and need rewashed.

We are going to move Tommy out to the Emu Barn (not really a barn, more of a shack next to our house.) and then set up his room as Tyrel's/a sewing room. Then maybe we can actually get through the living room. At least I got most of what I wanted done in the kitchen. That is one less thing to do. Maybe when the kids are done with school I will get them to help me carry stuff out to the emu barn.

Well that is all I can think of to ramble about for now.

PS. My friend Annie just went to Ghana, if you want to pray for her. Here is a link to her blog if you want to keep up with what she is doing. Hope you don't mind Annie. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009


I remember sitting and watching the sunset over Mount Scott from the woods next to our house on September 10, 2001. I was 15 years old.
The next morning was a beautiful day. The sky was blue, but a little hazy. It was cool enough that we had the house open, instead of having the air on.
We were all gathered around the computer to look at the new Spanish curriculum my dad had just got. We had to get online to see part of it, so we weren't reachable by phone for awhile, and we didn't have the TV on.
When we finally got offline mid morning, the phone immediately rang. It was my grandma. Kathie, I think, but since mom was talking, not me, I could be wrong.
She told mom to turn on the TV right now, a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Mom asked what channel? To which Grandma replied ANY channel. Mom got off the phone and told dad what was going on. I asked what the World Trade Center was. I'd never heard of it.
At first it wasn't a big deal to me, I was sad that people had died, but thought it was an accident.
Then he second plane hit. People started talking about it maybe being a terrorist attack. Then I was scared. I felt like I had a heavy weight in my chest for several days. I couldn't sleep, but I tried to be happy for my little brothers who didn't understand what was going on. I could tell mom and dad were doing the same.
I thought it was the beginning of the end of the world. It scared me. But not so much as that the world would end, as much as I wanted to get married some day. To have kids, and grand kids. If the world ended, I couldn't. I know I prayed a lot. Sometimes I just had to get away from the TV, to tune it out for awhile. To try to get my mind off it. But that made me feel guilty. What about those who couldn't get away from it?
Eventually the scared went away. It was still a terrible thing, we prayed for those trapped under the buildings, that they would be rescued quickly, or had died quickly and didn't have to suffer.
September 11 is also a happy day for me. On September 11, 2006 my second nephew was born. He is three years old today. Happy birthday Gavin. I love you.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Little Man

Telling MJ about something
Tyrel is still growing and changing constantly. He does new things every day, I just never seem to think to write (type?) them down, because it is a constant thing.
He is starting to talk very well. He says new things all the time, and the older things just get more clear. Right now there is a spot near my belly that is sore, and when Tyrel cimbs on me and nudges it, I sometimes wince, and he says "Sowee. Beh ee hurts?" Or sometimes he just randomly hugs me and says "I Sowee" He is very affectionate, and loves a hug and "chiss".
Every night when I tuck him in, he wants a "jink" and a "chiss" on each cheek, and one on the lips, and a hug, and for me to cover him with his "bank". Sometimes he has to kiss each of my cheeks too, but not always.
He still has only slept through the night, maybe 3 or 4 times. By that I mean, sleeping all night without having to get up to pee, or need a drink or just want me to come hold his hand. When he does get up, it is not for long, he just wants something, then he goes right back to sleep.
He still refuses to say T's** name. He calls her by MN's name. He CAN say T, I have heard him, but he won't call her that.
Today he told me that he "wan Pa". So to clarify if he said what I thought, I asked "Do you want Grumpa (my dad)." And he said "uh huh" In other words. Yes. So I had to call dad and tell him he was missed.
He still loves "big twucks, and duns." (big trucks and guns).
On our way to town from Abilene where I went to see my midwife yesterday, he was arguing with Granola whether the blue truck they saw was a Peterbuilt (which it was) or as he said a "freight". His daddy drives a blue Freightliner, so if it was a blue truck, it must be a "freight".
He also likes to name all the body parts he knows, several times a day. He will either point to his own, or to the parts of someone (usually me) who will sit still for him. He knows face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, eyebrow, hand, toes, foot, fingers, thumb, and probably some more that I am forgetting.
And of course living on a small ranch, he knows LOTS of animals. I won't even try to list all those.
I know there was something I got on here to post about in particular that I didn't want to forget. and now I can't remember it! I guess when it comes to me, it can have it's own short post. I do not have any newer than last time I posted pictures of him, so one of those will have to do. Because what is a post without a picture?

Showing me his spin

**When I refer to someone by their initial, it is usually Stephen's adopted younger siblings. Their mom does not use their names on her blog, so I do not on mine. Just in case you ever wondered.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wooo, I got my limit.

Dove hunting. Of course, since I haven't gotten my hunting license for this year, it was easy. None. I will be getting my license today though, so I can harass the birds and not just watch the guys.
The dove are not really flying in great quantities over our place right now anyways.
Between Stephen and Tommy I think we have 7-9 dove in the freezer after two days of the season being open.
Tyrel has really enjoyed getting to watch the shooting. The only thing is, HE wants to shoot. I told him he is still too little to shoot a shotgun, maybe when he is 4 he can help with the dove hunting. We will see. It will really depend on how he is built. He is pretty strong for his little 2 year old self. He is also a pretty tough hombre. He really must be for one of our rough and tumble little boy friends to comment on him being tough at playday the other day. (Hi Jimmie!)

When we were at a skeet shoot thing in a local town the other day, there was a 10 year old that was beating all the grown ups. He has been shooting a shotgun since he was 5. He doesn't compete with any teams or anything. He is just good.

Well anywho, I need to go finish getting ready for town.