Monday, September 21, 2009

Not much

I just haven't felt like posting lately. I still need a new battery for my camera. I don't like posting without pictures. My writing isn't that interesting. I need pictures of cute little boys like Tyrel to make them interesting.
Stephen is in Colorado on a load right now. He won't be home til Thursday or Friday. Then leaves again (Sunday?) for Utah. Hopefully that will be his last out of state load til the baby is born. Since really, I could have the baby any time. I am almost 37 weeks along.
Tyrel has decided he is 2. I know he IS two, but lately he has been arguing with everything I tell him to do.
Me: Tyrel, don't stand on the couch.
Tyrel (looking very sincere): Mommy, I JUMP.
Me: I know what you were going to do, but I said to get down.
Tyrel (looking like I must not understand that ALL he wants to do is jump off the couch) but I JUMP.
Me: You will NOT jump, Get down.

I always wondered why people would let themselves get into arguments with 2 years olds. It is sooo easy to get dragged into their arguing. I am trying to not. I don't mind telling him WHY he isn't supposed to do things (Because I'm the Mom and I said so, right Mom?) but I don't like him arguing with me about it.

Also, he is so much like all the things I've heard his Daddy was as a little boy.
The other day, I had Granola's hair clippers, because I was giving the menfolk, and Tyrel haircuts at our house. Well when I was finished I set the clippers on the floor next to me while I was putting my shoes on, so we could take the clippers back to the big house.
Tyrel walked over and stood on top of the box the clippers are in. I told him not to stand on that.
He said OK, then stepped over the box, sat down on it and said "I sit".
Well okay, I suppose you aren't disobeying, but I really meant not to get on the box at all.

I feel like I have a ton of things to get done, and not much time to do it in before the baby is born. I really need to go through all the baby clothes and such and separate them into sizes, and wash them and whatnot. You know, all the things that were suggested that I do as Tyrel out grew them. Well I DID wash them, but now they are all dusty and such and need rewashed.

We are going to move Tommy out to the Emu Barn (not really a barn, more of a shack next to our house.) and then set up his room as Tyrel's/a sewing room. Then maybe we can actually get through the living room. At least I got most of what I wanted done in the kitchen. That is one less thing to do. Maybe when the kids are done with school I will get them to help me carry stuff out to the emu barn.

Well that is all I can think of to ramble about for now.

PS. My friend Annie just went to Ghana, if you want to pray for her. Here is a link to her blog if you want to keep up with what she is doing. Hope you don't mind Annie. :)


Annie said...

LoL no I don't mind :) Hope you are doing good and get everything done before your sweet baby gets here. Tell everyone I said Hi!!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Enjoyed your post. Love the header for your blog.

~Tammy~ said...

Oh what a cute little stinker!
Please let me know the numbers on your battery... I will try to find one. You need to be able to take the daily/weekly/ monthly pictures of baby, since they grow so fast. And new pictures of Ty'ger!