Friday, September 4, 2009

My Little Man

Telling MJ about something
Tyrel is still growing and changing constantly. He does new things every day, I just never seem to think to write (type?) them down, because it is a constant thing.
He is starting to talk very well. He says new things all the time, and the older things just get more clear. Right now there is a spot near my belly that is sore, and when Tyrel cimbs on me and nudges it, I sometimes wince, and he says "Sowee. Beh ee hurts?" Or sometimes he just randomly hugs me and says "I Sowee" He is very affectionate, and loves a hug and "chiss".
Every night when I tuck him in, he wants a "jink" and a "chiss" on each cheek, and one on the lips, and a hug, and for me to cover him with his "bank". Sometimes he has to kiss each of my cheeks too, but not always.
He still has only slept through the night, maybe 3 or 4 times. By that I mean, sleeping all night without having to get up to pee, or need a drink or just want me to come hold his hand. When he does get up, it is not for long, he just wants something, then he goes right back to sleep.
He still refuses to say T's** name. He calls her by MN's name. He CAN say T, I have heard him, but he won't call her that.
Today he told me that he "wan Pa". So to clarify if he said what I thought, I asked "Do you want Grumpa (my dad)." And he said "uh huh" In other words. Yes. So I had to call dad and tell him he was missed.
He still loves "big twucks, and duns." (big trucks and guns).
On our way to town from Abilene where I went to see my midwife yesterday, he was arguing with Granola whether the blue truck they saw was a Peterbuilt (which it was) or as he said a "freight". His daddy drives a blue Freightliner, so if it was a blue truck, it must be a "freight".
He also likes to name all the body parts he knows, several times a day. He will either point to his own, or to the parts of someone (usually me) who will sit still for him. He knows face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, eyebrow, hand, toes, foot, fingers, thumb, and probably some more that I am forgetting.
And of course living on a small ranch, he knows LOTS of animals. I won't even try to list all those.
I know there was something I got on here to post about in particular that I didn't want to forget. and now I can't remember it! I guess when it comes to me, it can have it's own short post. I do not have any newer than last time I posted pictures of him, so one of those will have to do. Because what is a post without a picture?

Showing me his spin

**When I refer to someone by their initial, it is usually Stephen's adopted younger siblings. Their mom does not use their names on her blog, so I do not on mine. Just in case you ever wondered.


The Morris Family said...

Bethany and Elijah are going to a goat sale at the fairgrounds, I do not know the address, you should head over there and see them, I think the sale starts at 7pm this evening.

Bethany's # is 405-206-4898


The Morris Family said...

did you see the comment and info?