Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chicky Gator

When Tommy was 2, he got a couple of toy alligators from grandma Arlene. When you would squeeze said alligators, they would make a squeaky noise, that sounded like "chicky". So Tommy started calling them chicky gators. It was Tommy's favorite toy, and his favorite animal became the chicky. Our family often still calls alligators "chicky gators", and Tommy is 19 now. For a very long time, I mean for YEARS, Tommy told people he was going to be a chicky gator wrestler when he grew up. I still think he should try it.
Anyways, the point is. He liked chicky's so much that grandma Rose made him a shirt with chicky on it, and wrote "chicky gator" over it.
Now that shirt fits Tyrel. Waaaaah, they grow up so fast. I so vividly remember Tommy getting that shirt, and now it fits MY baby.
When I told Tyrel I wanted to see his shirt to take a picture, he held up the front so I could 'see it better'. Well, you can't see it better that way, but it was cute.

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Grandma Rose said...

Gosh does that"chicky gator shirt" bring back memories!! I didn't know it was still around. Hope you can get the camera battery soon-- I miss all the pictures....but keep the blog going anyway.