Monday, September 28, 2009


Wooo, my parents ordered me a new battery for my camera! I can hardly wait to get it. I hope you are ready for 40000 pictures of Tyrel again, and new baby soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures that Granola took of Tyrel today.
In the first one he looks SO much like his daddy at this age. I have only seen a few pictures of him well from any age, but he looked just like this. They didn't have digital cameras back then, way back in the dark ages. You know, since we're sooo old...not.
(He loves trailers. Notice the trailer hooked to the trailer, hooked to the trailer, hooked to the trailer, hooked to the truck. He must be a super trucker.)

I remember my mom telling me it hadn't been THAT long since she was a kid, when I was little, and I thought, Yeah mom, sure. That was forever ago. Now I know what she meant. I think my parents and grandparents get younger all the time.
50 was officially old....until my dad turned 50. Now 50 is so young.

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Grandma Rose said...

well I am glad that fifty is young, maybe the double sixes won't be too bad after all!! Glad you are getting the battery for your camera because I sure enjoy those pictures.