Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Broken Hearted Boy

What could possibly make a little boy so sad? So broken hearted? He was eating biscuit dough as Granola was trying to make biscuits. After he had him some for awhile, she told him to stay out of it, he could wait until the biscuits were done. So he thought if he looked sad enough she would change her mind. It didn't work. It did get some cute pictures though. Am I a mean Mama for posting these? Hehe, oh well.

He is happily in there with his Granola by now. He doesn't hold grudges too well. That's okay, neither do his daddy or I. I think that is a good thing.


~Tammy~ said...

OK, Shutterfly these... I need copies, LOL

RZ said...

if he thought nola would give in to a sad look, he has a lot to learn

Grandma Rose said...

His GREAT granny would have let him. have whatever he wanted!!! She loves spoiling him....... of course at her house he'd have to settle for WHOP biscuits haha We could make cookies tho