Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wooo, I got my limit.

Dove hunting. Of course, since I haven't gotten my hunting license for this year, it was easy. None. I will be getting my license today though, so I can harass the birds and not just watch the guys.
The dove are not really flying in great quantities over our place right now anyways.
Between Stephen and Tommy I think we have 7-9 dove in the freezer after two days of the season being open.
Tyrel has really enjoyed getting to watch the shooting. The only thing is, HE wants to shoot. I told him he is still too little to shoot a shotgun, maybe when he is 4 he can help with the dove hunting. We will see. It will really depend on how he is built. He is pretty strong for his little 2 year old self. He is also a pretty tough hombre. He really must be for one of our rough and tumble little boy friends to comment on him being tough at playday the other day. (Hi Jimmie!)

When we were at a skeet shoot thing in a local town the other day, there was a 10 year old that was beating all the grown ups. He has been shooting a shotgun since he was 5. He doesn't compete with any teams or anything. He is just good.

Well anywho, I need to go finish getting ready for town.


Grandma Rose said...

Well I know you love to hunt and don't wanna rain on your parade, but should you really be out there traipsing around shooting guns and taking a chance of tripping in a hole or something this close to time for the baby to arrive?? I know my mom hoed cotton right up until she had the babies, and maybe I am just the wimp but please be careful!!

becky.onelittle said...

We just gave our three boys 6, 4.5, and almost 3 a cricket gun. It's a small .22. I don't know anything about guns, but my husband really likes it. We got it from Walmart, and it has a lock on it, so you can't use it when it's locked. My 2 year old can't shoot it without help- his arm is too short. My 6 year old's arm is also pretty short, but the other two boys can shoot it without help. They love it, and we've all been shooting at targets. They can't wait to go hunting with daddy this year. Of course I remember in Texas you had to use a shotgun or something, here everyone uses rifles.

Becky said...

Oh he already gets to (with help from Daddy) shoot the rifles and such, he was just wanting to get to dove hunt, which does require a shotgun anywhere.

Becky said...

Oh and Grandma, I asked my midwife yesterday, and she said it is okay for me to go dove hunting.

Grajdma Rose said...

well if she said so who am I to argue........just be careful. love an hugs