Tuesday, October 28, 2008

15 Months, Practically a Man

I have a whole list of things that my little man has learned this past month.
He has become a big "helper". He isn't much help, but he tries. He has been helping me to wash the dishes. He stands on a chair and splashes and tries to drink the water or eat the suds. It usually ends up being a big wet mess by the time we are done. He helps me to pick up his toys when he is done playing, usually only putting up very few while I get the rest, but he is trying at least.
He also likes to stir food while it is cooking. He only does this under very close supervision, while I am holding him, so he doesn't get burned.
He sits at the table with us now. In his high chair, but without the tray. I always hold my hand out to him when we pray, and he has started holding it and sometimes bowing his head...I know, I peak at his cuteness. I don't remember if I mentioned it last month, but he has begun drinking from a straw really well. Or from Daddy's camel back. Stephen leaves it on the back of a kitchen chair and Tyrel walks up and gets him a drink any time he wants one. He certainly gets enough water.
He has started eating (sort of) with a spoon, and it is so cute he will blow on the food before he eats it.
I have been teaching him little pieces of the very little sign language I know, and he actually tries to copy me sometimes. I am amazed how fast he is learning. I left my camera at our house so I only have a few pictures right now, I will try to get more up soon.
I love you Ty.
Love, Mama
Tyrel and RheaLynn

He looks grumpy here^

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