Friday, October 24, 2008

Hold On a Minute

Do you ever feel like your life is on hold? That is how I feel right now. Like I am just waiting for something to happen. I feel at home here, and yet not. I remember this same feeling from about a year before we found out we were going to be moving from "home" in Oklahoma to Arkansas. Arkansas still does not feel like home to my family still there.
I did feel at home here, it has just been the last week or so that I feel this way. It makes me wonder what God has in store for us next, and when it will happen.
I have been preparing for a garage sale with a friend next weekend, but I feel more like I am preparing to move. Getting rid of all our unnecessary junk. Stephen has even been talking of going through the closet and being ruthless with himself, getting rid of stuff. Which is very unlike him. It used to be very unlike me as well, but I've found I usually don't miss stuff after it is gone anyway.
Last week we did that in the kitchen and I was so happy and excited to be getting rid of stuff and organizing.
None of the garage sale stuff will be coming home. If it doesn't sell it will go to the thrift stores.
Even with getting rid of so much, Tommy and I did add something to our stuff this past weekend. We bought a unicycle at the flea market in Buffalo Gap. So far we are neither one able to stay on it, but he is better than I. It should prove to be lots of fun. I can hardly wait to get good at riding it.


Nikki said...

Hey!! I can't believe you're not pregnant yet! I've checked back here several times looking for updates and hoping to hear word. Can't wait to hear!! It can't be too far off.

Ty is sooooooooo cute and he's gotten so big!!! He reminds me of Garrett. He's such a good looking little man.

Kyla said...

I know exactly what you mean!!! this doesn't feel like home... it feels temporary... I've even decorated more and it still doesn't feel like home!!!! and i've been wantin to get rid of some things too!!! a lot of my old stuff!!! maybe I should have a garage sale... *ponders* ... yup I should...

Good luck with the unicycle... its funny cuz wes' dad has one and he's pretty darn good... just not very good at stopping lol