Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My 8 year old sister in law "T" likes to play with my hair. She may be a big reason I have so many split ends...
as I feel and hear my hair riiip sometimes while she is doing it. But she is about the only one who likes to play with it anymore and I like people to mess with my hair. I also like playing with hair, and as I didn't have any sisters growing up, I would torment...er play with my mom's hair. She does not like people to mess with hers, but would still (and sometimes still does) let me mess with it anyways. I also liked to torment...play with grandma's when she would come visit...too bad I don't have any pictures. Poor ladies.
Anyways, I figure T has to learn somehow, and so I let her play with mine. The other day she wanted to take pictures when she was done, so I am posting them for her. Enjoy.


Julie said...

wow she did perty good.

Grandma Rose said...

Grandma LOVES to play with Becky's hair ....... I am amazed at how long and SILKY it is...and I don't mind at all when you 'mess' with mine...someone sure needs to right now haha. Hope you have a great vacation..wish it was going to be at least partly here. Love you all Grandma Rose