Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Dream

My mom just posted about a dream that she had last night, it reminded me of one so much like hers that it is freaky that I had the night before last.

I was on a beach somewhere, I think it was an island.
I was with a bunch of people from church , and also family members I think.
We were watching the waves come up to island, and one of them kept seeming to grow. We watched it coming from way out. I knew it was a tsunami before it even got really big. We watched as it curled over the top of the island before crashing down on us. I was so scared and clinging to Tyrel to make sure he wouldn't get swept out to sea. After it had gone, lots of the little kids, including Tyrel had drown. They didn't float off though.
I looked down at my son in my arms and commanded him in the name of Jesus to breathe. And he did. I was so surprised. I went to the next child, still doubting that it would really happen, and commanded him to breathe....and he did. I kept on until everyone was fine, but each time, I didn't really expect them to come to life, and was SO surprised and thankful. I kept thinking, wow, God is doing this even though I am doubting in my heart, just because I am speaking with such confidence, and commanding in Jesus name.

That is all I remember, but it is so strange the similarities in mine and Mom's dreams. I wonder what God is up to. I hope I am ready for it.

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Mc Allen said...

wow, tats pretty awesome... I know Jesus is up to somthing, and He will get you ready!! Great story... LA