Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Pictures

I finally found my camera charger. I have been missing it for quite a while. So when I really needed it, and could NOT find it anywhere, I called my mommy and it was at her house in Arkansas. I got it in the mail yesterday, charged the camera last night, and have been playing today. I found out today that I can set it to "sepia" and take old timey pictures. I have had others I could do that with but didn't know I could with this one. So here are my pictures from today. Be amazed...or not.
(have you ever noticed I usually go weeks with no posts, and then do several in one day? I don't know why.)
Ty getting raisins


Pucker lips

who knows what I was doing



"J" Looking Cartoon like


And I guess one of me even though I am not fond of it.

1 comment:

One of the Cow Crew said...

Oh, I like those. How about "Cowboys around the World" for the one of the statue by the globe.

In sepia instead of cartoon, I think J would look like a Navajo girl.

Glad the box arrived so quickly!