Saturday, November 29, 2008


I played around with the video part of my camera today. For most of you...if not all this will be really boring. It is for Ty's family who doesn't get to see him often. Like Cowgranny, and Grumpa, and GG Rose. Here ya go. Maybe if you don't mind waiting for it to load on your dinosaur computer with dial up Mom, I will do one more often.

The dog in the background isn't dead. If you'll notice, now and then it will twitch or lift it's head. That is Lady.

Also in the first video the girl in pink is T. Ty's favorite Aunt. You'll also see Freckles(a dog.) and Rosie (also a dog.) and RC (Yet another dog) Which are not anywhere near all the puppies running around out here.

Oh and sometimes we actually have grass, but we haven't had rain in quite a while.

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