Monday, November 17, 2008

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

I have been wanting to do a series of posts that are kinda like a tour of the place. So here is the first one. You'll meet a few of the critters and see some of the place. Of course I might throw in a picture of two of people also.

The First Gate (depending on which way you are
The Second Gate
Going Down the County Road. No we don't have neighbors. It's pretty cool. Just us and my in laws (we live on their property)

Looking down the "highway" from the county road...West

And East of the milk cows

A bottle baby

Walking over from The Big House (aka, the in laws house)

Some milk goats

The hay lot

Next up for slaughter

A random picture on the back side of the property

Stephen walking on the back side

And Tyrel

Proper and improper footwear for walking the property

A longhorn

Stephen pretending to warm himself at our camping spot on the back side.

Some fresh lambs

And thus concludes our tour for today. I will try to have one more well put together next time.

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GG Rose said...

Hi my poor ole eyes...I had to guess at where to click to get to the comments...can't read the black on green at of our friends is looking to buy some 'fresh goat milk' as in ya'll ever have extra like that. I told him it is a four hour drive from here but he says he would be willing to make the trip. (or if you are ever coming 'this way' to bring Ty to see his GG hint.) I just told him I would ask since I said you had goats there. Have a good day I love you all bunches and hope to see you real soon. GG