Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tyrel's Party

We had a fun party for Tyrel. Stephen's Aunt Roxie and Cousin Charlie came out. James and Crystal may come out tomorrow. Instead of making a birthday cake for Ty, I decided to make a fruit pizza that I saw a recipe for on a friends blog. (Well I say friend, but I have never met her, and barely even ever left a comment on her blog. I guess after reading someone's blog for awhile you feel like you know them though.)
None of us are big cake eaters around here anyways, and I figured Tyrel wouldn't care either way. I made it in the cast iron skillet because we don't have a pizza pan, and that is what we make pizza in.
It was delicious. Definitely something to hang on to the the recipe for. That being said, Tyrel wouldn't touch it. He is NOT a picky eater, never just won't try something, even if it is something he doesn't like, he always wants to try a bite. I don't know what his problem was. He wasn't whiney or forceful about not having any...he just didn't want it.On the other hand he loved his presents. He didn't want to put anything down to open the next one. He got some toy cap guns from Roxie and Charlie (and James and Crystal, but they haven't given them to him yet. I am glad Crystal showed me what they got him, or he might have got 3 sets, because that is what Stephen and I were thinking of getting him.)From Stephen and I he got some toy tools so he can help daddy, a marshal badge, and a toy truck and trailer with a tractor to go on the trailer.
From Granddaddy and Granola he got a sand bucket and shovel, 2 water bottles, and a plastic bat and ball.

From Tommy he got a toy skid loader that makes noise, and some sunglasses.He also got his card from Grumpa and Cowgranny today.He likes everything so much he isn't sure what to play with. He wants to play with it all at once.

I love how the gun belt hangs off of him, it was very cute. He is really good at drawing his guns. With either hand. He's fast too.Later after the party Granola tried to get him to eat some of his fruit pizza, but he would rather just put it in his skid loader, so someone else ate it.

We did other stuff today too, but I'll save that for another post.

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