Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's A Dirty Job,

But somebody's got to do it.
Today the menfolk around here laid a concrete flooring for a bay window. I love bay windows, especially if they have a window seat in it. Unfortunately, it is not for my house, but happily it will be right next door on my in laws house. They (being Nola and the kids) have cleaned out their garage and are making it into another room in the house, to make room for more children. The window is going to be where one of the garage doors is/was.The guys worked and sweated a lot today, mixing concrete and such. One time they accused me of being a not so considerate sister, when I wanted to get a picture of Tommy before he washed his eye out. While they were mixing concrete, some of it slopped up and got in Tommy's eye. He didn't wait for me to take a picture...not that I blame him, I just wanted a picture of all the concrete that got on his face at the same time.I love how in the above picture you can see Stephen and Doug's (my FIL) arms are directing Nola (my MIL) on how to dump it.One of the goats decided to help clean up, by eating on the empty concrete bags.
I love the range of expressions they make while out there working hard in the heat. From deep concentration, to laughter, and everywhere in between.

So now to wait for the concrete to dry, and on to the next step, whatever that is.

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