Saturday, July 25, 2009

My "baby" is 2!

I can't believe how fast two years has gone by. By the time the new baby will be this age, Tyrel will be 4! Being a Mama has been so much fun. I absolutely love it. He is constantly making me laugh. He is just so goofy, and funny.

We called Cow Granny the other day, just so he could tell her "Tow Dranny". He was very proud of himself. That is all he said to her other than "BYE"He is SUCH a help to me. He helps to make the beds, and actually HELPS, not just gets in the way. Of course, he did at first, but now is figuring out how to help me. He puts things in the sink or trash for me all the time. He helps put away clothes. He rinses the dishes...well, he still needs a little work on that one, but is getting better. He picks up his toys without being told most of the time. I tell everyone he is teaching ME to keep a clean house. He is so good about cleaning up after himself. He loves jumping off of things. He climbs up on the bed or coffee table, and if I am standing right there will jump to me. If I'm not right there, he will just jump.I could almost set a clock by him. He is my alarm clock right now. He gets up at 6:30 almost everyday. Sometimes slightly early, rarely later. He immediately crawls in bed and hugs my neck and gives me a kiss, and if daddy is home, will turn and pounce on daddy, ready to begin a day of wrestling. He can be pretty rough too. He is definitely all boy. Tommy leaves for work about 7 each morning, and usually we are still in the bedroom, getting dressed and making beds when he leaves, but Tyrel always runs to the window to yell "BYE" to "Dommy"
I can't even keep up with all the words he says anymore. He repeats EVERYTHING. He has said a few small sentences, and it won't be long until he is really talking, with whole sentences and everything.Potty training is going well. He still has to be reminded and taken every time. He has gotten to where he tells me he needs to he is going, but it is a start. Bite is his word for hurt. If he bumps his leg or something running through the house, he tells me "Ow, bite". He avoids the ant bed in our front yard. He walks around it pointing at them saying "Aints..Bite".

Happy Birthday Tyrel Ruger, I sure do love you. Oh well, and I GUESS Daddy does too.


Julie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYREL!!!!!!I can't believe that you are already 2

GG Rose said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Tyrel...your gg is soooo BAD about sending cards...your's is right here on the table it will certainly be late...try to get it there before you are 3. You are such the good boy to help Mommy ... and very handsome, I might add. Wish you lived closer so I could see you everyday, but Mom does a great job with all of the pictures....that helps a lot. Love all of you!!!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Happy late birthday to Tyrel. I love the photo of you at the top, Becky. Great post. Darling photos! The time does zip by quickly!