Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day...and lots of pictures

How do you like Tyrel's poor man gloves? Socks. It works.
In some parts of the world, and even in this very country, there is this stuff called snow. We see it now and then.Tuesday was one of those times. 5 to 6 inches here on our property!

 Tommy got about half way to town and got a call from his boss saying not to come in, they wouldn't need everyone. So Stephen called to see if he could put off his loads til the next day since he drives a truck, and that was okay'd. So we had us a snow day!

 The scanner was busy all morning because people don't know how to drive on snow around here. I am one of those people. So I stay home.

Stephen being the brilliant, fun guy that I married decided we would tie a rope to the back of his parents Polaris Ranger, and we could sit on a snow disc, while holding on to the rope to sled. Because West Texas lacks one major thing, other than snow for sledding. Hills. It was LOTS of fun.
Stephen and Tyrel riding behind the Ranger
After we came back to the big house and had some yummy stew for lunch and got littles down for naps, we went back out to do it some more, but the ranger died. Kaput. No worky. So we went and got the pickup and tied the ranger to the back of it and I rode it home. It's not quite as fun as riding the snow disc.

So we came back to the house to warm up for a while, then went on a walk. By then the sun was out and it was starting to melt, so my pictures didn't turn out as I had planned. But then they usually don't. lol. We did actually sled down a "hill" while walking. It is the back of the pond. MN and MJ rolled down the back of the pond towards the water, but for some reason didn't want to sled towards it. Something about not being able to stop.
MN being a "ballerina"
MN got the best snowball hit of the day. See the snow behind Stephen's glasses?
All better
MN, Me and TJ
Racing Stephen. He won....only cause he weighs more....
Snow piled up on Stephen's face while riding behind the Ranger
I don't know
I call this one "Snow.....on a Mesquite....they don't count as trees. :)
MN riding behind the Ranger
Stephen and I
Trying to be creative
By the end of our walk it was already turning to soupy, sludgy, mucky, yuck.

Yay for moisture!


Jennifer said...

Looks like a fun day!

Nichola said...

great pics! I like the yucca pic...