Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Learning Day

Today has been a very learning filled day for my kids. Tyrel has learned to make his own bed. He asked me if he could do it by himself today, instead of helping me do it. When the whining and I caaaaan'ts began, I decided he would definitely be doing it on his own, not only today but from now on. He should catch on any time now that telling me "I can't" is not the best thing to do. Asking for help is okay....whining, not trying and saying I can't are not acceptable.

He also learned to 'drive' (steer) the Ranger. My inlaws have a handy dandy Polaris Ranger that is useful for taking joy rides hauling of trash, getting the milk cows, checking the fences for goats heads that are stuck, etc.
Well anywho Tyrel, Kimber and I were driving it around earlier and  Tyrel asked if he could drive. He 'drives' a lot, which usually just means he wants to ride in the drivers lap. Well today he actually grasped the concept of steering to some degree. I kept having to tell him "A little bit this way, a little big that way" and so on, but he steered us all the way around the front side with very little help. He'll be driving it before I know it.

Tyrel also learned to climb the mesquite tree in our front yard. He made it about a third of the way up, which isn't bad for a 3 year old. He didn't even want me to help him down, cause he's a big boy and can do it himself.

Kimber has learned to climb up on the rocking horse at Granola's all by herself. She is a very good climber. She can climb up onto Ty's bed, and from there onto Stephen and I's bed.

Today though she learned to climb up the slide (about my hip level) either by the ladder or up the slide part.

Well a few minutes ago I borrowed Granola's camera and took a few pictures of them. Nothing great, but their still cute and I know the Grandparents will appreciate them.
 Ohhh, such serious faces
A little happier, but not looking.
                                                                    As good as it got.

Rocking her horse.
Glancing up from his hard playing.