Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Day in the Park

With all of the beautiful weather we have been having we have been spending lots of time outside!

 Both at home, and in town. One of the towns near us has my favorite park ever! It is on the edge of town, right beside the river. Yet not set up where your kids will run over and fall in the river while your back is turned.
 It has big old fashioned slides, and some very big teeter totters. I like playing here as much as the kids do.
 Kimber climbed all the way up the slide by herself, with Uncle Ben just standing there to make sure she didn't fall backwards, or thru the rungs.
 I forgot to post a picture of how tall the slide was. At least twice as tall as Ben. So about 12 or so feet.
 Come one sister! Lets play over here!
 Ride em Benboy!
 Could somebody please help me on this turtle?
 I'll help ya sister!
 Why isn't this as fun as Uncle Ben made it look?
 I love this picture. Ben used to be the 'not baby person' in our family. As a teenager he would avoid holding babies as much as possible. Now he is a super sweet, playful and loving uncle!
 Who me?
 Walking some of the hiking trails.
 They posed like this all by themselves. They are such photographers children. Now if only I could learn to be a photographer and take better advantage of that. :)
 Kimber wanted to be put up there, then she looked at me like, "well, here I am, take my picture"
"I'm not so sure about this...."

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Sarah said...

What a fun and special time, Becky! I loved all of the photos of Tyrel and Kimber . . . they are just too cute! And the ones of them both together holding hands and then Tyrel helping Kimber on the turtle are so precious!!