Sunday, November 1, 2009

An Evening Walk

Stephen, Tyrel, Kimber and I went for a walk this evening. We were just going to walk around the front side of the property, but then Stephen needed to help his dad at the caliche pit for a few minutes, which Tyrel very much liked. He loves to watch the backhoe and "bobcat". Here are some pictures from our walk. I wanted to get a family picture, but never got the chance. Oh well, we got some cute pictures anyways.
Mama and Kimber waiting for Daddy at the caliche pit.
Daddy and Tyrel
Stopping to wait for Mama
Stopping to talk to Granddad, isn't Stephen so cute with a sling? LOL
I thought it was very sweet of him to "compromise his manness" to carry his little girl in the sling.
Being cute
Cheesy smile...sooo cute
Watching Daddy on the bobcatBeing goofy...well maybe normal for me :)
Milk Cows

Almost home

Daddy on the bobcat

Daddy, Tyrel and Kimber


Julie said...

Looks like a wonderful, fun, afternoon!!!

~Tammy~ said...

Uploads, please!

Sarah said...

Very nice photos, Becky! It looks like you all had a special evening. :)