Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ever since I have moved here, I have wanted to go see the Paint Rock Pictographs. I finally got a chance to yesterday. Some local homeschoolers were having a field trip there, so we joined them. I took some of Stephen's younger siblings along as well. It was really neat. Mrs. C was our tour guide and she is a spry 82 years old, as she kept reminding us :). If I remember correctly, her grandfather bought the property the pictographs are on, to keep vandals out. Now she and her husband own, and run the place.

We found out that the paint that the Indians used was healthy for them. It is full of iron. I thought that was interesting, as they used the same paint as war paint. Like maybe they used war paint for more than looking scary. It kept their iron up etc..

I am only posting relatively few pictures. There are a lot of pictographs there. It is really neat.

I have a piece of paper with what they assume the Indians were trying to say with these. But my other arm is falling asleep with a sleeping baby on it. So I'll not put them on here right now.And one for Annie. :)


Julie said...

great post, we need to get our pics up too. That's a great Annie pic, she'll love it.

Annie said...

awww,I LOVE the picture of Stella, it is so precious.

Sarah said...

How fun! That would be really interesting to see . . . I remember when we visited Arizona once seeing pictographs, and it was fascinating! Thank you for sharing!