Monday, March 29, 2010

Pictures....Hmm. I think I have a lot of posts titled that.

Why is it that I seem to get really cute pictures of one child, and not the other at any given camera happy moment? I don't have many (if any) good ones of Tyrel for this post.

Here is Kimber Ann sitting on her Papa' s lap.

Aww, She doesn't look so happy in this one. But cute nontheless.

And here will be several pictures of Kimber and I. Because I can. Hi Stephen. Is that a good orange?
Would ya look at those chunky legs?
Oh look, Kimber is looking! Hi sweet girl. Hmm. What is with me having my hair in pigtails everytime I take pictures of her and I together?

I have to post this one because Stephen took it. He hardly ever takes pictures. I did have to tease him about centering our heads in the very middle of the picture. So in the next one he cut our heads off.

Ever wondered what my kitchen looks like. That's it behind MN and Kimber.

Here she is helping me plant the garden. Or at least being cute watching.

Oh look, here is one with Tyrel. And he really did help with the garden. Hi Ty'ger.

Since I don't have many pictures of Tyrel, I do have some cute things he has said lately.
Such as right after I got my hair cut, I was showing him the ponytail that got cut off and he said "Mama's hair break?"
A few days after my parents left after visiting me, as I was tucking Tyrel into bed he asked me "Umpa comin' to see me tomorrow?" I told him no, Grumpa was not coming tomorrow, and that I was sorry and he sleepily relpied. "Oh ok, on Monday." I told him we'd call Grumpa and ask, but I doubted it since he lives so far away.
And I KNOW there are several others I wanted to post, but they seem to be eluding me at the current moment.


Jennifer said...

Oh my word, she looks just like you! What a doll!

~Tammy~ said...

The one where you said she doesn't look happy... is a VERY Becky picture. The image of Mama!