Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Title :)

Not sure why some of the pictures are scrunched up and weird.
Not a lot really. I have some pictures from a week or so ago, but nothing recent. It has really greened up around here since then. Even the mesquites are greening up, and they are always the last thing. I love the spring, except for one thing. Storms. I have a love/dislike relationship with storms. They are awesome and beautiful to watch. But they can get pretty severe here in West Texas. I sit up at night when we have a chance of storms praying and reminding myself that God has not given us a spirit of fear but a sound mind. Then the wind starts blowing harder and I can just see tornadoes ripping everything apart. Then I move our babies into our bed where I can keep my arms and eyes on them. All the while my husband snores away. Until I wake him to say I am going over to his parents to check the radar. If it looks bad on there I can sometimes convince him to go with me to his parents house for the night. A real house, that doesn't shake in the wind. It doesn't help that a few years ago our roof blew off of our trailer. Twice. Within a month. Once while we were in bed asleep. Well, I wasn't asleep, but he was. It was rather scarey. And so I pray and pace and pray and listen to the radio and pray and check the radar and pray.And then feel silly in the morning when everything is fine.  But really I do love to watch storms and would love to see a tornado from a safe distance. Hmmm, I hadn't gotten on here to ramble about storms.

So here are some somewhat recent pictures.
Sunset over the big house (Stephen's Parents)

Mud on her face from Mama watering the garden.

Towels blowing in the wind, and some already blown off.

Walking the Concho River. Our favorite way to waste time in town without spending money. That is not the river, but a drainage ditch or something near it.

Crossing the river.

Looking down at the ducks.


Playing at the park by the river.

Peek a boo Kimber.

Wallowing on the bed before baths.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Spectacular moon. Fun to see new kidlet photos. Your laundry looks so nice and contained. Mine's been blowing all over NOrthern Japan. We loved that spot on the Concho too. Fun way to spend some family time....

~Tammy~ said...

Ty'ger looks like he NEEDS a bath!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I have a love/hate relationship with storms too.