Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Boy and His Dog.

Ever since we had to get rid of Tucker, Stephen has been wanting a dog for Tyrel. Not just because a boy should have a dog, but because where we live they can be very important. They are good at letting us know if there is a snake or anything in the yard that could be potentially dangerous to Tyrel. And we have a lot of rattlers around here.
Well my MIL's two female dogs both had a litter of puppies within a few weeks of each other. A total of 18 puppies. One litter was great pyranees and the other was great pyranees/mountain cur mix. We liked the mountain cur mix. We wanted to get one that would stay with Tyrel as he gets older and gets to explore more of the property out of the yard as well. Well MOST of them would follow him around and play with him very well, so we went with the one we thought was cutest out of those.

Tyrel didn't have a favorite or we would have let him pick. He just liked any that would play with him. We did narrow it down to 2 and let him choose out of those. So anyways, this is Cedar. Our new pup. We are really pleased with him so far.


Clan of 7 said...

Cute, cute puppy! Puppy love!

Anonymous said...

He looks so sweet but it makes me sad too. It's been a almost a year since our beloved Tessa passed and we just can't bring ourselves to get another one yet. I hope Ty enjoys his new life-long friend. Does Kimber get one someday too?

WesternWoodburner said...

Aw, sweet!

Sarah said...

What sweet photos! Tyrel certainly looks like he likes the puppy. :)