Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Thinking Out Loud.

Since we got back to Mom and Dad's I have been catching up on my friends back home's blogs. Some friends of mine our expecting a baby and are using a 'new' midwife. We used to all use the same one, because there was only one anywhere even remotely close to us. She lives about an hour and a half from where I live. Anyways, my friends are using a different midwife this time which got me to thinking. See, Kelly was a student midwife while I was pregnant with Tyrel. She was working with 'my' midwife. I loved Kelly. I was instantly drawn to her. When I was laboring with Ty she was the person I wanted near me. I was more relaxed when she was around. I had thought of using her when I found out I was pregnant with Kimber, but I was told she had moved to Midland. Well, if she had, she is back in our town now.

Now, what I was thinking about I guess is, if Stephen and I get blessed with more babies, then do I use the closer, I know I like her alot Kelly. Or stay with Carol. I also love Carol. She is sweet, and Godly, and has lots of experience. If this were a Dr. I don't think it would be a problem to switch. But midwives are so much more than Dr.'s. They become friends. There are only two relatively unimportant "strikes against" Carol. She lives so far away, and during both labors, I didn't like her being close to me. I have absolutely no explainable reason for this. I LOVE her.........up until my labor starts. It is nothing she does or doesn't do, she just makes me feel uncomfortable while I am laboring. I have had her catch both my babies and this isn't a problem.

So what would you do? I really like both of them, and would kind of like to 'try' Kelly. But I feel like I would be betraying a friend if I did that.

PS, I am NOT pregnant. (that I know of :)


Countrymama said...

Why not use Kelly as the primary and have Carol there in case there are troubles that Kelly hasn't deal with? That way you get the best of both worlds..just a thought.

Becky said...

Well that would be okay, only they both need to make a living and we can't afford 2 midwives.

Leah S said...

I would go ahead and use Kelly for the next baby. I think having a good relationship with the midwife is more important. Plus... Carol sounds like she is well established and has a steady level of expecting moms. Kelly could probably use the income more.

Having regrets over your midwife choice could cause a longer or more painful labor. I personally know that mental hang ups caused a delay in going into labor. Once I finally acknowledge that I couldn't change the situation (it had to do with my parents, not the midwife), I went into labor 7 hours later.

Who knows, Carol may be pleased that she trained Kelly so well that some of her clients switched her. :)