Saturday, November 27, 2010

Railroad Cliche

I know, everyone takes railroad track pictures, but since we have tracks right across the road from Jones Brothers' office, I couldn't help myself :)
 If you could see the back of his belt better, you'd know that is says New Mexico, whereas his has says Texas.

 He was helping her get up, he's such a sweet brother....most of the time.
                         Watching over sister.
                    Handsome boy.
I think this is my favorite one. I have some more to post that I took of my brother Tommy earlier that same day in the same place.


Shelby said...

Haha! go Texas Rangers. =)
I really like the last one. The late afternoon sun is so pretty and small depth of field makes a big difference.
I think that new camera is winner. =)

Sarah said...

I loved seeing these photos, Becky! Tyrel looks so grown up in them. :) And Kimber has grown so much as well! I especially liked the photo of them both when Tyrel was helping Kimber . . . so sweet!

You are certainly doing a wonderful job photographing with your new camera, and I look forward to seeing more photos! :)