Thursday, February 24, 2011 that even a word?

So have you ever wondered how someone would go about taking a faring (I think?) off of one big truck, and put it onto another? Me neither. What is a faring? Well, until last week I had no idea either. You know on big trucks when the top is somewhat flat, but they have this 'up and over' thing to make it more aerodynamic by sending the air over the trailer? (see pictures below :)

Helping Daddy get the gates. Tyrel did too, but I didn't get him in the picture.
  Well this past Saturday the kiddos and I decided to help Stephen do that, rather than not get to see him all weekend. We always like going to work with him anyways. :)
 So yes, we took that thing right there, off of that truck ^......

 To put it on THIS truck. ^ I think it was because the one it WAS on mostly hauls tankers, and the one we put it on mostly hauls livestock. And  the livestock trailer is less aerodynamic...blah blah blah...
 First you take all the bolts out.....

Hot chocolate all over her front. I try to dress them in things I don't mind getting even more filthy than usual when we will be working in the shop. :)

 Then you cut off the bolt that are stuck and won't even come off with the 'impact'.
 Then you hit things with a hammer... It's a rule or something.
 Then you sit and think about what on earth you are going to do next.

Big helper boy!

This is the 'impact'.
  Why did I take a picture of the impact laying there? So you can kind of see how heavyish it is. Not really heavy to pick up, but kind of heavy to have it dropped on your face. Yeah. Stephen was on top of the truck, lowering it down to me by the air hose, when I told him to go ahead and drop it. ( I AM pretty good at catching things) Well the air hose caught on something and threw it off course, so I missed it and it landed on my face. Thankfully I didn't even get a black eye, but it did hurt.
 Anyways, then you call for more help because that thing is bigger, heavier, and more clumsy to move than it looked. It's a good thing too, There is no way Stephen and I could have done that alone. This is the only picture I got of moving it, because it took all three of us to get it off this truck and onto another one. So yeah, then you bolt it onto the other one and Wha- la! You're done. :)

When we got home there was a box in the mail for us. :) I opened it right away and was delighted to see that it was Kimber's Annie Doll! Kimber was so filthy though, that I didn't even let her play with her much til after a bath. :)

Thanks Sarah!


~Tammy~ said...

oh boy! Pictch! Can't wait to read the food blog with ty'ger's recipe for spinach salad~

Becky said...

Haha, yeah, I got these pictures off my camera last night. The ones about the salad are still on Stephen's computer.

Sarah said...

My! That all sounds like a big job! You had me chuckling as I read . . . you are quite the story-teller!

And then the last photo really brought a smile to my face. :) So glad that little Annie made it there safely, and I hope that Kimber enjoys playing with her!