Saturday, February 19, 2011

Selling Cow Critters

So apparently the cow market is pretty good here right now. So we(Being Stephen and my MIL) decided to sell some of our bovines. Stephen had bought some for us a while back that we were going to use as beef, and I called them the beginning of our 'cattle empire'. :)
 Tyrel was excited to be out helping Daddy. He loves to help. Of course his help isn't a terrible lot of help yet, but he is willing. :)

 Kimber waited with Aunt T. at a safe distance.

Stephen backed the trailer up to the loading place while some of the bovine critters had a fight over some feed.
Since there was more than plenty of help loading for the few cows we were sending off, I just stayed back to take pictures. Daisy the milk cow is standing there helping too so it seems. :)

So yeah, thats about as exciting as our week has been. :)


mountain mama said...

we recently sold our cow too that was intended for meat. we bought beef instead from a rancher at a great price :)

Sarah said...

Oh, that looks like fun, Becky! I wish I could have joined you. :) And that top photo of Tyrel is so nice . . . he is starting to look like a little man now!